May 11, 2011

Review: Rimmel Glam' Eyes Eyeshadows in 023 Beauty Spell & 004 Smokey Blue

Remember last week, I reviewed the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip Glosses? Now today, I will be reviewing their new Glam'Eyes Eyeshadows Quad Palettes.

 Product Description
A bold collection of shades for look-at-me eyes. Take eyes to the next level this spring with soft, blendable all-day-wear hues from Rimmel London. Inspired by the trend-setting London fashion scene, Glam'Eyes eye shadow palettes are quilted and embossed with the Rimmel London crown and housed in sleek, modern compacts for trend-setting, Brit-girl style. 

Glam'Eyes Quad Palette has shades ranging from dayime demure to notice-me, night-out brights, there's an eye shadow quad for every look.

Price: $5.71

Where to find it: Local drugstores and mass market retailers.

004 Smokey Blue
This palette consists of pastel and matte color. This would be great for daytime in case you want to do a soft blue look. The blueish purple colors are very pretty! If you use a base or an eye shadow primer, these shadows can last a long time. The shadows are not very powdery so I don't need to worry much about fall out when applying on your eyelid. 

The pigmentation of these shadows are okay, not really pigmented in my opinion especially #4. It's suppose to be a light gray shadow but shows up very sheer when applying on the lid.

This is how the eye shadow quad looks on my eye:
Overall, I really like this eyeshadow quad. The colors looks great, packaging is sleek, and the price is not bad at all!

Rating: 4/5

Pastel Colors
Great for daytime or nighttime
Not much fallouts
Great packaging

Not enough pigmentation for some colors

023 Beauty Spells
This palette consists of shimmery shadows, which is more suitable to wear during nighttime. The pigmentation of these shadows is just okay for me because only #3 is very pigmented and the rest is kind of sheer in my opinion. 

If you use #3 as an eyeliner then the other three colors are more wearable during daytime as they appear sheer. 

I did experience shimmer fallouts from these shadows. Even though I apply them a little at a time, they still got on some part of my face. I suggest applying these shadows before your face makeup. 

The colors are okay for me, not colors I would wear on a daily basis.

Eyeshadow on my eyes
Rating: 3/5

Great night shadows
Great packaging

Shimmer fallout
Pigmentation not that great

Be sure to visit Rimmel at your local drugstores and mass market retailers.

Has anyone tried these eyeshadow quads yet?

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. Read full disclosure here.


  1. Thanks for the review! I have tried one of their quads, but I really hated it and returned it. I think the colors are better for people who like soft colors, and it was not for me. But I think the colors look sooo cute on you ^^

  2. I agree about the pigment, they don't look too good!

  3. Aw...Thanks Nancy! The quads does have softer colors~but still not enough pigmentation for me:)


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