Dec 5, 2013

Review: Lancome Dream Tone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector

It's me again! I am not slacking off on post, hopefully! Skin care routine is very important to me. My skin type has been constantly due to testing different products. Sometimes, the product will break me out, leaving behind horrible pimple marks on my face. So a good brightening product that can even out my skin tone is a must.

Recently, I have been introduce to a new product called "Lancome Dream Tone". This product claims to even out skin tone and diminish dark spots. According to the people that tried the product, 74% saw immediate glowing skin and 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced in just 4 weeks!

I am skeptical about this product so I have to try it out myself hoping to see results. Let's read on to see my experience with Lancome DreamTone!

Nov 18, 2013

(Sponsored) Review: U by Kotex Liner

Wow! It has been forever since my last blog post. I guess over the last six months, I have lost my passion for blogging. If I am to do a crappy job, I rather not post at all. I hope to really come back this time.

Anyway, today I will be sharing about feminine care products instead of makeup/skin care. I feel like feminine care products are very important to us women, don't you think so? If you got the wrong products, your day will be miserable to start out with. 

Now back to talking about my period. My monthly cycle has been all over the place these few years. Some months, they will visit me on time and other time they just show up late! I used an app to track my period to make sure they are showing up when are supposed to. 

To be honest, I like using pads more than tampon because I just don't like sticking something up my vagina during a bloody day. On lighter days, I prefer to use a thin liner because it is lighter and thinner. I am pretty picky on my pad as some can really irritate my skin. 

Want to know what I think about this product?

May 23, 2013

Review: BA Star Natural Shadow Palette

I have been on a hiatus for a while, but I am slowly getting back on track with my blog. Some of you might have forgotten me, but it's okay. Now it's time to know me again once more. 

Today, I will be reviewing a natural eye shadow palette from BA STAR that I received through BrandBacker. They are one of the most known makeup brand for performers and competitors such as cheerleaders, stage performer & ice skating. Well, I never heard of BA STAR before because I am not a performing artist in any point of my life. 

There are hits and misses to this palette. Read on for a full review and see if you like this palette.

Mar 19, 2013

(Travel/Food) Weekend Getaway @ Petaluma

I have wanted to write a travel and food post for a while but was just a bit lazy. This weekend getaway was from this mid January with Mr. L. We planned to go somewhere close to Bay Area as a little escape for the weekend so Petaluma was a great option. Petaluma is around 30 miles north of San Francisco if you are planning to visit this place. It is also one of California's oldest cities founded around 1858 when the gold rush happened.

We stayed at Metro Hotel because Mr. L bought a deal from LivingSocial or Groupon. Metro Hotel is more of a French style hotel in which guest can experience what it is to live in France. This is more a B&B but even cuter! 

Want to see more of Metro Hotel and yummy foods?

Mar 11, 2013

Beauty Blogazon Roundup 3/11/2013

Check out this week's Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup!
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