Aug 31, 2011

Review: Monave Mineral Makeup

 I am back now and everything will be back to normal. Post will be up regularly. On 8/28, it was Mr.L and I's 5th anniversary together! Wow, times flies by too quick, don't you think so? Anyways, I will do a post later about our mini trip and my new "buddy" soon!

Now, back to the review post.

Monave Mineral Makup is a company that use high quality minerals that are free of irritants, including dyes, animals by-products, and preservatives. Their makeup is long-wearing, virtually weightless, completely natural-looking, has excellent protection against the sun and is reasonably priced.

I was a few of their products to try. This review might be a little longer than usual because I have quite a few products to review.

Want to hear what I think about them?

Monave Setting Powder
Price: $12.00
Monave setting powders are a silky blend of the lightest minerals with just a touch of clay. Applied after foundation, the powders will aid in oil absorption, as well as add a smooth, matte, "finished" touch to your look. These powders can also be used as "face powders" for women who need very light coverage, used in place of foundation.

This mineral setting powder feels very light-weighted once applied on the face. I love how it sets my makeup for quite a long time before I need to do touch up on my makeup during the day. This gives my face a nice matte finish and absorb the excess oil on my face during the day. Sometimes if I don't want to wear foundation or tinted moisturizer, I would use this powder on my T-zone to keep it oil-free all day long! With a reasonably price, this powder could last you quite a while!

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend? Yes

This mineral makeup foundation formula offers more coverage than our traditional foundation formula for acne and rosasea sufferers. Its feel is creamier; the finish more matte. High in zinc oxide, it is beneficial to inflamed and irritated skin.
When I received this concealer-foundation to try, my skin tone was a lot darker than now. The color doesn't match my skin tone now because I'm much lighter than before. Before reaching this skin tone, the concealer works nice on me. While it still sink into my fine line like any other concealer, this would be great to cover my dark spot and small blemishes.
Rating: 4/5
Would I recommend? Yes
     Matte Shadow/Liners #108  $10.00                         Monave Mineral Matte Blush #207  $13.50
Matte Shadow/Liner:  A palette of neutral pastels to deep smoky tones with a cashmere texture that blends easily on the skin. Ultra mattes for eyes have a soft, feathery look, and unlike other Monave colors for the eyes, have no shimmer or sparkle. They can be used dry as eye shadows, and wet as creamy liquid liners with wonderful staying powder.

Mineral Matte Blushes:  Monave Matte Blushes are the perfect compliment to an understated look. No shimmer, or sheen, yet still soft, silky, and easy to apply. They can also double as shadows, or contour colors.

The eyeshadow I tried is in 108. It is a Heather Medium, which is like a medium grayish purple shadow/liner. I love that it's pretty pigmented and can apply either as a liner or shadow. If apply on top of an eye shadow primer, the color would be more in-depth! This is a matte shadow so there aren't any shimmer in it and will give you a nice soft feminine look however way you apply it.

The blush I try is 207. The name for the blush is called Seashell. It is a classic pink color with no shimmer whatsoever. I love how this pink complement my cheeks as it give it a nice glow. I wouldn't use this as a blush but rather as a highlighter because it make my cheekbone glow. If you are looking for a nice highlighter then Seashell is the one.

Rating: 5/5 (For Both)

Would I recommend? Yes

 Monave Eyeliner
Price: $11.50
Monave eye liners are handcrafted with natural plant products and our signature mineral blends. The base of jojoba and natural waxes yields a wonderfully creamy texture that wears all day without smudging. No more pulling on the lids to spread the color. 

 Grape is the name of this eyeliner. I think you can tell by its name that this is a purple liner. This purple has a darker undertone. I love how creamy this eyeliner is and how long-lasting this is on my upper lash line. Since this is creamy, it give you more control when applying. Like most liner, this one also smudged on my lower lash line and waterline but staying power on upper lash line is great! If you don't want to look harsh when you wear black then you can choose a darker purple like Monave Eyeliner in Grape to give a soft look but still can define your eye.
Rating: 4/5
Would I recommend? Yes

Monave Lip Gloss
Price: $7.50
 Unbelievably long wearing glosses in a luscious moisturizing base. Your lips never looked this good! Our colors are purely mineral-derived, no carmine or dyes are used. A wide range of shades to suit all tastes and complexions.

Autumn is the name of this lip gloss. It is a cool rosy pink gloss with a hint of shimmer. The color of the photo above is not the actual color. In different lighting the color look different. The lip gloss glides on smoothly on my lips and the long-lasting ability is quite nice compare to other lip gloss I've tried before. This mineral lip gloss is also gluten-free if you are ever wondering! The cool rosy pink color is perfect for fall and would look nice on any skin tone!

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend? Yes

Monave Matte Lipsticks are created with our super-moisturizing base. The matte collection is formualated without frost pigments to give your lips an full-blown color, without the shine. Muted in tone, this palette emphasize the beautiful form of your lips...for an elegant, yet sexy pout.

The matte lipstick I am trying is Rosewood. Rosewood is a rosy color with a slight brown undertone. When swatch on my hand, it look like a beautiful coral color but when you actually apply it, it's a rosy color. The lipstick is matte and last a long time without fading away like other lipstick. Since this has a moisturizing base, it won't look dry on the lip and if your lips are dry in the first place, be sure to apply a lip balm first. I love how it's a perfect fall color and how it really complement my skin tone!

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend? Yes

Here are the swatch on all the products in this review:

This is a look I created using all the products above.

Close up of the eye

Overall, I am very satisfy with Monave Mineral Makeup's products! Since they are now having a skin care line, I might purchase some of them to try and see if I can find any products for my fall skin care routine!

Be sure to visit Monave Mineral Makeup for mineral makeup and skincare products!

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. Read full disclosure here.


  1. i love everything...but the blush, i couldnt see it :P

  2. Sounds great :] can't wait for your review. Good that you're back :}

  3. @MrAJBx3 The blush is a light pink color. I try to capture the color but the blush is just too light. So sorry:(

  4. @London's-beauty I'm glad I am back too! I miss blogging:)


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