May 30, 2011

30 Days Challenge: Day 4

Day 04 — Favorite books

I love to read and usually I don't have a favorite book but these two books are the ones that I read it over two times. The first one is called "The Soul Is His Wing". It's about a woman trying to find her perfect match but end up that the perfect match is herself. That guy is half of her soul. It's a very interesting book but I think it's only available in Chinese. Zita Law, the author, writes great fantasy fiction novel but could be a bit violent to some people.

The second book is called “Lian Xian Dao Tian Shi De Xin". It's about a girl who hates the internet but when she breaks up with her boyfriend, she meets a guy at ICQ and start chatting with him. She doesn't know that that guy might be someone she knew but is a totally different person in real life. 

I love reading Chinese novel, especially love one. I always have to cry at least one time while reading a book.

So what is your favorite book?


  1. I love reading Chinese novels too, my favorite writers are 深雪 and 三毛.
    Wow, thanks for you recommendation, I'd love to read them!

  2. Thanks for the follow, I am following you back now as well :)

  3. @Mandy: 深雪 is my all time favorite too:)

    @Tanya: Thanks for the follow:)

  4. @Vintage: It's hard to choose a favorite:)

  5. OMG i love 深雪 too~~~i rmber back in high school i was obsessed with her book~~~~


  6. @Jessy: Her books is still that good:)

  7. Oh that's nice, we have something in common then. :D
    BTW, thanks for stopping by, you make my day!

  8. @Mandy: Can't believe we have something in common:)


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