Feb 7, 2011

Call for Photo or Message

Since I saw rockoomph is doing a Valentines post, I think I will be doing the same thing but this doesn't have to photo, it can be messages too. Remember to email me before Valentines because I might be gone for a mini mini trip with Mr.L.

-Email me your photo of your Valentines (bf, gf, bbf, family, pets, etc) and some words or sentence to describe the photo or anything you want to say
-Email a message you want to say to your Valentines

email me: mimizhu55@hotmail.com

Anyone can participate! 
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  1. Hey Hun,
    Ive seen pretty good reviews on Dolly Winks false lashes and eye products. I think generally they are a good quality if you can purchase them for a reasonable price. Where I reside, Japanese drugstore products are very expensive!

  2. That's pretty reasonable price :) They have interesting fun false lashes. Hope you find something you like =)

  3. @PopBlush: I will definitely try their falsie next time I stop by!

  4. Yeah, Ive seen some good reviews on Kevin Beautymaker products. But too bad the one I got is not right for me =(

  5. I am a new follower, please follow me back! I love the idea of this post! It is a great idea!


  6. cool! i'll try to get you a pic or message this weekend.



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