Feb 7, 2011

That's what you call a day with food, love, and joy

This post is about my whole last week and maybe plus today as well. I had some fun with food and love. Usually I am picky with food (everyone are) because I love to eat what I love, not what I need. So, I consider myself a very unhealthy girl, who skip meal and eat whenever I want to. I guess that's how life goes with me. 

As for love, I guess I found it again but this time with something else. It is the love of going out and enjoying the weather while I can. I love how the winds blow at my face and through my hair. That feeling is ecstatic! It is also the love for books. I have found it again and I enjoy every moment of reading now. I had forgotten the way I cried, laugh, and smile in the book while reading it. I am happy to tell myself I found it again.

Häagen-Dazs Mint Chip Dazzler
My Favorite!

Wolfgang Puck Express's Barbecue Chicken Oven Pizza
This pizza is so good but might be a little spicy. A little spicy, a little love!

Jamba Juice's Mango Pineapple Smoothie
This is from Jumba Juice Express which only sell two drink in two different size. I love that I don't have to choose from a whole menu of item because that will take forever. I am glad I found this place.

These are the late photos of my birthday present from Mr. L. I will call my bf Mr. L from now on instead of The One because it is so much better. 

Pink and Purple M&M with our photo in the chocolate candy
 Close up blurry picture of us two that you probably can't see
 Mr.L also bought me a Sony Headphone with a mic which I really needed. That day while roaming at Macy's, we came across this Smurf which is 50% off! It is only $7.95! So I didn't hesitate and bought it. Smurfie is part of my stuff animal family now.

Random Pictures


Beautiful blue sky

Try to smile anywhere, anytime to live a happy life!

 After a day of wondering around, I realize I cannot give up my dream of traveling the whole world. I need to capture each and every moment of my life so I know that I won't regret it in the future. 

Never give up on something you love and continue to live life to its fullest at all time!

Follow me on a short journey below! I really mean short...

Have you given up on your dream yet?

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  1. Oooh myyyy god.I want that Hagen Dazs Mint Chip Dazzler sooo bad right now!
    Everything looks so yummy.I think I might go and grab something to eat now....Hungryyyy

    I love posts like this where other people show their food.

    <3 Huggies

  2. @CookingChinchillas: Yes you have to try this Dazzler! It's super good~


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