Nov 25, 2011

Review: Dr.'s REMEDY Enriched Instant Cover


Today's Black Friday! Has everyone been out shopping yet? Well, as for me, I stay home all day sleeping! There aren't anything I have to get! I did bought a TV online even though it's not really a doorbuster price. I certainly do not want to crush by people or end up lining up for a couple of hours just to find that the stuff I want is SOLD OUT!

Anyways, since I am at home I guess I will start blogging since I won't be blogging over the weekend. Mr. L and I are going to Las Vegas to see a concert! I will blog about the trip when I am back on Monday!

Today's review will be about Dr.'s REMEDY's new product, Enriched Instant Cover.
Let's get down to it!

Enriched Instant Cover is a concealing cream for the body. It's ideal to apply on the legged, arm, or any part of the body that need a cover up. It claims that it can minimize any skin tone imperfection and instantly reveal a flawless finish.

 The concealer has this sponge tube where the product come out and you can rub the sponge onto the area where you need to cover. It gives a smooth finish to the skin. 

It blends easily if you hydrate the skin first just like how you moisturize your face first when you put on makeup. I try it without moisturizing it and it comes out super cakey! 

The concealer contain ingredients that benefits the skin such as tea tree oil, lavender, vitamin C and E and wheat protein. It even have a great scent that smell like aloe and wheat!

Did you see the before and after picture of my leg above? It instantly brighten up my skin and cover up the purpleness of my knee! It covers up my huge pore very well! 

I don't like that this concealer takes some time to dry before you put any clothing on top it. If it didn't dry up and you start dressing up, the product can get into your clothing but you can just rinse it off with soap and warm water. Also, if I am in a hurry and don't want to wait for the concealer to dry, I would put some powder on top to set it!

I saw some photos of others review on this product and it can even cover up your tattoo! How amazing is this! I definitely recommend it for people who want some coverage on their body!

Rating: 5/5

Available in Light, Medium, and Deep for $40 online at

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  1. @saltvinegar He He He! Yes it's a great product!

  2. Oh wow, that's an amazing product. i didn't know they released these sorts of things already :O

  3. @Jen Haha! It's really an amazing product! A little goes a long way!

  4. So is this just meant for the body? Can it be applied on the face?

  5. Hey. Just want to remind you to switch to the new, smaller Blog Entourage badge for a chance to win free advertising each month! You can find details here:

  6. @Nancy It's just for the body and not recommend on the face:)


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