Apr 7, 2011

Review: ES A008 False Lashes from KKcenterHK

KKcenterHK was kind enough to send me a box of falsies to review. They are a Hong Kong based company that sells stuffs like false lashes, wig, cosmetics, and many more.

The one I am going to reviewing today is the ES A008 False Lashes.

 ES A008

Me wearing the lashes with a little eye makeup.

These lashes start off short in the front and long in the back. They are a more dramatic kind of lashes so I think wearing it for party is better as you don't want to wear a very dramatic look when it's daytime.

The band of the lashes is kind of stiff so you have to bend them a bit more to fit your eye shape more. The hair on lashes doesn't feel natural as it feels weird when I open and close my eyes. Overall, I think ES A008 is okay but not the best I tried. This is my first time trying ES false lashes but I think their other design should be okay too.

You cannot beat the price of $4.65 for ten pairs of lashes! Their shipping is good since I receive the lashes within 2 weeks.

Rating: 3/5

Fast Shipping
Great for dramatic look

The band is a little stiff
Hair on lashes doesn't feel natural

FTC Disclosure: Product was sent to for free for review purposes. I am not being paid or affiliated with the company mentioned. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Awe, too bad they don't feel natural. I think they look really nice though. I tend to prefer more dramatic false lashes 'cause of my heavy eye make-up xD

    But for that price- it sounds amazing @.@

    -Amy Xxx

  2. Yes the price is amazing! I hope to find a better lashes in their ES collection:)

  3. Ah they looked so pretty! But I agree with you that they looks a little stiff.

  4. Yes! I wish they were a little softer then it would make a perfect falsies!

  5. SunnydaysandstarrynightsApril 8, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    They are very pretty. I've never worn false eyelashes before. I have to admit they are a little intimidating to me.

  6. There are some that looks natural so not all falsies are dramatic:)

  7. They look so pretty in the photo! Too bad they're stiff...stick falsies really hurt my eyes :/


  8. If they are not stiff, I'll probably be using them again:)

  9. Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!


  10. Thanks for coming!

  11. nice review! I think they will be good for a party.xx


  12. I agree with you hun

  13. Yes Alina:) Thanks for stopping by

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