May 13, 2011

Blogger Issues

Thank God that Blogger is finally up! I waited and waited yesterday thinking that it will be up very soon but no! I guess Blogger is having some problems. Maybe I'll move my blog to Wordpress. Do you guys think it's a good idea? I don't want write up a new post then suddenly the server is down and all my hard work is gone!

I hope that problem won't ever occur again!


  1.  I'm so glad it's back! Sad my last post got deleted though.

  2. I think blogger said that wednesday post will be restored soon but we don't know when~

  3.  I use wordpress and I never have any problems with it! Oh and you won't loose your posts if you go over to WP 'cause you can transfer them over! (i'm not 100% sure how though) xox

  4.  I know you can transfer them over but I am still thinking as I am not used to working with WP.

  5.  I am follower No. 309 and also following you on NB.  I will be interested to see how your switch goes to Wordpress as I am still on Blogger but considering the move.  Thank you for the great fashion tips and I invite you to visit my blog sometime.


  6.  I am just thinking first. I am used with Blogger and don't know how it will go for WP:)


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