Mar 19, 2011

OOTD + Relaxing for just a day

Today's raining again! I still can't believe it's still raining in March. I need some spring warmth now! I demand it! 

Do you know what should you do on a cold day like this one? No right??! It's going in a big hot tub and going in the sauna. My family (all women, of course!) and I went to this place called "The Hot Tub". It's a place where you sit and relax in a big hot tub or go steam some sauna! The place is very nice and clean. The staff is very friendly too!

 The Hot Tub Rug

A mini foundation

 The big hot tub for the four of us!

A massage table, which we just dump all our clothes on it.
It's hard taking a picture of the sauna room with their terrible lighting. There is also a shower too! Some funny things happen in the room. We were supposed to drink some water when sitting on the tub for too long but none of us did. So my mom and Shar almost fainted! Shar didn't know she fell on the floor because she was too dizzy. We were all so silly and forgettable that we forgot to put a damp cold cloth on top of head to cool down from the heat of the room.

I don't know if I actually like the sauna. It's hot and I can hardly breathe inside! 

I would probably go back for the hot tub again not the sauna. To me, it's a little pricey since it's $21.50 per person per hour. You get an extra 30 minutes if you go there before 5PM. There are also some coupons on their website.

2200 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109

Hour of Operation
Sunday through Thursday 11am-Midnight
Friday through Saturday 11am-12:30am

Pink Checker Shirt- Ross Dress for Less
Light Pink Tank Top- Old Navy
Black Legging- H&M
Shoe- Somewhere online
Bag- Forever 21

What's your weekend like?


  1. Nice blog honey...try checking out mine-
    Hope you follow too:-D

  2. Oh, I really like your outfit. Nice and casual!
    And how relaxing.... I wanna be there too! :D

  3. That looks amazing! I so need that. I just finished finals today and I am ready to relax :p

  4. haha sounds like an experience! I LOVE hot tubs ;) your outfit is so cute, amazing sandals!!


  5. Oh wow! I've never been to a sauna before...I've always been too chicken to go. hehe. But, it does sound wonderful and relaxing~ I'll have to go some day!

    Cute outfit!

  6. Omg super luxe SPA! The hot tub looks tempting haha
    And aww I love the plaid sweater ^^ very cute
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    My giveaway: win a pair of nerdi glasses necklace click here!

  7. haha~Thanks hun~I want to go back there again when I am feeling stress

  8. Yes~you should relax~finals is so stressful!!

  9. Thanks dear! Hot tub is fun!

  10. Yes you have to go but remember to bring cold water or drinks as it gets hot in there! Make sure you stay hydrated!


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