Jul 13, 2011

Guest Post: Healthy, Green and Frugal Beauty Tips

Who doesn't want to look great while saving the environment and money at the same time? Read on for some tips to help you accomplish each.

Many cosmetic products contain preservatives and other chemicals that have been linked to health problems with long-term use. Read labels on your cosmetics closely and consistently! If you are unsure if a listed ingredient is safe or unsafe medically, research the material on the Internet, but be sure to read more than one article on it for a comprehensive overview.

Disclaimer time: In no way does the information below state or imply that products you use are responsible for any listed medical condition that you—heaven forbid—may contract. This is presented for information purposes only.

The preservative Parabens has been linked to breast cancer, the second-leading cause of death to women. Avoid these products!

Another chemical called Talc—not to be mistaken for a talcum powder—has been confirmed to contribute to some types of ovarian cancer with prolonged use. Avoid products containing this chemical as well when possible.

Cosmetics that contain healthy minerals which help skin and overall health are on the rise. If available in your area or over the Internet, this option might be one you could consider.

Green Products
Many cosmetics brushes offer both synthetic material and natural material. Obviously, synthetic bristles are manufactured with chemicals and natural resources that are either not renewable or not easily renewable.

Synthetic brushes can also become brittle and break much more easily than natural brushes. Good quality natural brushes may be higher priced at first, but with proper care and cleaning, they can last 30 or 40 years. How much money can that save you over time? Lots, probably!

Organic cosmetics, like organic foods, might cost a little more at the retail store, but organics use reduced fossil fuels and other resources—if any—than “the usual” products do, and they are often healthier.

Frugal Cosmetics
Let's face it: Commercial cosmetics can get expensive. Have you considered making some of your own makeup? Not only can you save money, you have full control over the ingredients: If you would prefer not to make or use one product, you can try another.

Instead of using a liquid eyeliner, try moistening the eyeshadow brush or sponge. Don't use a lot of water, obviously, but you can enjoy a more natural look and save money on eyeliner.

Lipstick and glosses are among the most purchased cosmetics items. Whether through use or fashion trend changes, millions of dollars are spent every year on lip cosmetics alone. Save some money by making your own: Multi-use sticks of the cosmetic variety can be used as the base for your signature color that you can make yourself. You can use a 3-in-1 lip shine stick to choose your shades instead of buying whatever cosmetics manufacturers say is popular.

Make your own shaving cream that is inexpensive, green and effective. Obviously, you will need a mug or cup to hold your organic shaving cream and a double boiler.

You will need ¼ cup of unscented glycerin soap. You will also need ½ teaspoon of sunflower oil. If you cook with this type of oil, you have a ready supply.

Melt the glycerin. Stir in and blend the sunflower oil. As soon as the glycerin is melted, remove from heat and carefully pour into your mug or cup. With a shaving brush, add small amounts of water and work the mixture into a lather, just as you would commercial shaving cream.

Article contributed by Holly Miller of Coupon Croc, the best place to find Very discount codes to save on all your favorite makeup brands and beauty products when you shop online.


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