Jul 13, 2011

Chantal Guillon Macarons

When I first saw the macaroon photo at my friends Facebook page, I immediately wanted to get my hands on them. I love sweets and macaroon is one of my favorite too. Chantal Guillon is the name of this macaroon and tea shop. I think its previous name was Paulette or something like that. It's located at Hayes Valley in San Francisco. It's a small shop so be sure not to drive pass it.

Want to see the macaroons that we bought?

The Macaroons in a box of 6
 Pistachio, Rose, Salted Caramel, Orange Passion, Vanilla & Dark Chocolate

I don't really remember the flavors that well even from looking at the photo. My favorite would be Rose and Salted Caramel. It doesn't have that artificial rose taste or fragrance. Salted Caramel was really an interesting one. First you would taste the sweetness the slowly it'll turn salty. It would be great if I had a cup of tea while eating the treats.

Don't you just love the cute packaging? After finishing the tasty macaroons, I don't want to throw away the box. I am the type of person who loves to keep cute packaging in case I need to put stuff in.
While this place isn't worth the super hype but it's definitely a place worth trying if you are in town for some macaroons.

437 Hayes St
(between Gough St & Octavia St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Do you love sweets?


  1. I loooveee sweets but mostly cakes ^-^
    btw ur skin is so flawless!

  2. @cominica-aiI love cakes too:) My skin isn't flawless at all:( I am having hormonal breakout now:(

  3. @saltvinegarHaha! I am hungry for some too but too bad it's night time already:(

  4. macaroons!~ ah if only if it was as acessble for me. btw thanks for commenting on MY macaroon adventure too <3 When ru coming to Malaysia?

  5. @Glo-w~*You can try to make it yourself:) I wish I can come to Maylaysia but I can't at the moment:(

  6. i like macaroon...but they are not my favorite..i simply think they are too expensive for a bite size snack....but the good one do taste really good~~~


  7. @JessyYea they are quite expensive. I got a box of 6 for around $12! I wish it will be cheaper.

  8. OMG. Those macaroons are making my mouth water. o.o



  9. I've never tried macaroons before!
    I prefer cakes to sweets, cupcakes are my fave! x

  10. I want those for a tea partie.
    A colourful feast for the eyes! WOW!!!!
    Popping in from LBS...so glad I did...

  11. These look soooo good! I wish I could eat some and have some tea~ Mmm!

  12. soo cute and it look really nice!
    wow me too, i also collection all cute thing and sometimes my sister some in my room and throws something, cause sometimes i collection too much^^

  13. @Mi_MiHaha, I got that feeling too! My mom always wants to throw away my stuff because she think it's junk but to me they are not!

  14. You guys say 'macaroons' but on the box it says "macaron". It's not 'macaroon', they're a whole different dessert.

  15. I'm sorry. That was my mistakes for the typo. Thanks for correcting me:)


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