Mar 19, 2011

Review: Alima Pure "The Rainforest Collection"

Alima Pure "The Rainforest Collection"
Alima Pure pays homage to the "jewels of the earth,' the Rainforest. Between 40% to 75% of the world's species are indigenous to rainforests. Important to the health of both the planet and to individuals, rainforests remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and recycle water, and one quarter of the natural medicines in the world come from rainforests.

The Rainforest Collection is avaliable for a limited time and sold exclusively at for $30 (a $44 value). $2 from each set will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network.

"Jaguar"- a slinky, golden-brown shimmer that pairs with anything

"Bromeliad"- this sparkling light green will refresh your spring color palette
"Kapok"- a deep, dark brown sparkle to provide depth to your look

"Macaw"- as vibrant as the tropical bird, a light, shimmering teal

(Left to Right)
Kapok, Bromeliad, Jaguar, Macaw

A look I created using all 4 colors. The colors didn't show up that good on the photos.
1. Prime your eye with eyeshadow primer
2. Apply "Jaguar" all over lid as a base.
3. Apply "Bromeliad" on the inner half of the lid.
4. Apply "Macaw" on the outer half of the lid.
5. Blend the two colors together.
6. Line your bottom lashes with "Kapok"
7. Line upper lashes with "Kapok" on a damp brush.
8. Wing out the line.
9. Curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara.

 Finish Look
My Thoughts
I really like these shimmery eyeshadows because they are very pigmented. The colors are all so beautiful especially Bromeliad and Macaw. The two colors are great spring color and I would use those two to created more new spring looks. I do find the shadows a bit too shimmery as I can see lots of shimmer on my face after applying the shadows. I did experience some fallouts but I can just use some loose powder and dust it over them. Overall, the collections does resembles the rainforest a lot and I would definitely recommend this to others.

Rating: 4/5

Will donate to charity
Beautiful colors
Colors are pigmented

Might experience some fallouts
Too shimmery
Available for limited time

Be sure to visit Alima Pure!

FTC Disclosure: This product was sent to me for free for review purposes. I was not paid and affiliated with the company mentioned. All opinions are 100% mine.

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