Apr 20, 2012

New Haircut: Shoulder Length


It has been over a week since I wrote my last post. During that time period, I finally cut my super long hair. I don't really know what hairstyle I want so I just cut to a shoulder length. Since I want to cut my hair so badly, I decided to let my mom take on the job again! She did an okay job but just wasn't the hairstyle I liked.

So I decided to cut it myself. I know I did a terrible job but it's better than keeping the split-end on my hair.

My hair turn out a bit uneven layer-wise. I think I can still fix it by curling my hair a bit with a flat iron and using some hair product. 

When I figure out what kind of bangs I want, I will try to cut it. Until then, I'll just leave it the way it were.

Do you like my new haircut? Did you get one recently?


  1. I think you still look cute though :) I need to get the split ends out of my hair, too!

     Kisses! xxx


  2. I think the new length looks good on you! You look more grown up now :D

  3.  Haha! Yea, I need to look more mature now:)

  4. This suits you wonderfully! :) Super cute haircut!

  5. It looks good on you! You look a lot younger with it. Maybe having sleek side-swept bangs to enhance the shape of your face.

  6.  Thanks! I will try to cut my bangs later:)

  7. wow you loook soo pretty <3 wow and i love your hair


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