Apr 24, 2012

Benicia & Nearby in Pictures

Benicia is a nearby seaside city in the Bay Area. It's 40 miles from San Francisco, where you have to cross the Carquinez Bridge near Vallejo to get there. Their downtown aka Main Street is very pretty, where it can take you back in time. Unfortunately when we got there, it was Easter Sunday and all the shops were close. Mr. L love checking out antiques so we will be sure to visit it later.

Are you ready to go on an adventure with me?

Benicia was the third site selected to serve as California's State capital but it only lasted for 13 months when the capital moved to Sacramento. Now the capital building serve as a state historic park but will soon close due to lack of fund from the state. 



At night, Mr. L & I ate at Palermos, an Italian restaurant in downtown Benicia. Their homemade sun dried tomato-pesto sauce went great with the bread!

This creme corn soup is good! You can taste that they used fresh corn and not from canned food.

The mussels and shrimps are so fresh and tasty but their pasta lack taste.

The chocolate souffle and vanilla gelato was so good! While their entree disappointed me, Palermos' s dessert certainly satisfied my crave for sweets!


The next we drove to a nearby small town called Port Costa. There are a few shops left but I think after the building of railroad, people forgot about this town and it now looks empty. 

The Burlington Hotel at Port Costa that's known for ghost seeker trying to have some fun! :)

After that, we arrived at John Muir's home. I don't know much about this guy but I heard he's famous for being an investor, inventor, author and one of the founder of the Sierra Club.

Did you enjoy the trip?


  1. thanks for sharing x

  2. that is an awesome trip!!!!! i wish to visit there sometime. I love old towns and museums. I did not know that John Muir's house is now a museum.  I think he's one of the pioneers in preserving the Yosemite park.

  3.  Yea it's now a museum and the admission was free but donation are welcome:) I love visiting old town too and learning about their history:)

  4.  Yup! Vintage bed look so cute!

  5. I love the photos! I've never been to Clifornia before but I hope I will have the chance to, one day. You look cute in your glasses btw! ^^

    1. California is a nice place to visit and there are still lots of places I haven't visit in the state:)

  6. It´s great to visit you again and find good stuffs!

  7. You should definitely visit CA:)

  8. Thanks for visiting! I have been lacking in post lately! Glad you still support me:)

  9. wow i love this collection stunning and wow you look soo pretty 

  10.  It's fun going to nearby city and town:)


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