Dec 4, 2011

Las Vegas Trip 2011

As you all know, I went on a mini trip to Vegas last week with Mr. L to see Sammi Cheung's concert. The concert was great but because we are quite far from the stage, I didn't take any pictures of her. Also this will be my first time riding a plane in 15 years??!! It was an okay experience because as you all know, the humid is super dry in the plane! I will remember to bring some extra extra moist lotion next time!

Now are you ready to take off with me on this adventure??

Let's go!

I'm looked a bit tired waking up early on a Saturday morning so don't mind me, please!

Wow, finally we arrived at the bathroom of the hotel! We are staying at Aria, which is a very wonderful hotel! Everything was great except we have to walk like 5 minutes to our room after getting off the elevator! Anyways, it was a nice little exercise.

 The bed was a bit too high for Mr. L and I but I totally love the black long cushion! I wish I had one at home:(

This is the view from our room at the 6th floor on Aria. It isn't your best view of the strip but it does look nice at night when all the lights are on.

Cafe Vettro at Aria was quite a nice place to eat. The prices are reasonable and of course the food was delicious, I think...

Don't forget to do some camwhoring, everyone!

If I remember correctly, I think this was my Grill Chicken Sandwich. The chicken was super juicy and delicious! Usually at different restaurant, their chicken are mostly too dry but I am loving this one!

I don't know why but Mr. L ordered Lasagna with some fresh green salad. I think it will be too much for lunch but he manage to finish it! What a big fat tummy he have??!

Always the Asian peace sign! LOL!

We are in the middle of nowhere camwhoring! Haha! 

Nice fountain!

I think this was outside of The Forum Shops in Caesars Palace.

Look! I am a Coco Cola Bear now! LOL! 
The weather was okay at LV but super dry! My whole face feels like cracking and skin started to peel off! I think my moisturizer wasn't hydrated enough. Now I know what to bring to this city next time!

I guess I will be ending this trip now. I love taking these mini trips with Mr. L because I feel like our relationship will grow more when we experience new journeys! Don't you think so?

So do you often go on mini trips with your love ones?


  1. copyright, copyright~~~I still want that coca cola bear hat....

  2. @LavenX Too bad!! No bear hat for you:)

  3. I always go on mini trips! Whenever there is a deal out there, I try to get on top of it so I won't be missing out. I'll be going to vegas next year! :) Hopefully in the down season :D
    Looks like you had a good time! :D

  4. @Rainy Days and Lattes I love mini trips too! Vegas is much cheaper during down season!!

  5. Hey that was pretty awesome trip I guess. I have been to Las Vegas 6-7 months ago and I enjoyed the trip. I went with our friends and family and roamed a lot of places there. Hope you too enjoyed it.

    I-Coloniali Hibiscus

  6. @I Coloniali Yea, it was a great trip in a way~haha!


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