Apr 13, 2011

I want to be STRONGER + OOTD

Last Saturday was a great day to take a hike so Mr. L drove us to a place which I forgot its name to hike. I think when you hike up to the top it's about 6-8 miles. Some personal issue happen to Mr. L, so we have to hike back down when we were about half way up top.

As you can see, lots of people were hiking that afternoon with us along with moo moo cows. Tons and tons of cows are on that mountain peak. Guess what we saw when cows are around? Cow poop everywhere!!

 The view is gorgeous when you hike up more and more. I would love to do this every week with Mr. L but I don't think he have the time. Haha!

 Don't you love pink?

Unknown Brand Jacket
Forever 21 Sweater

Unknown Brand Black Legging
Yellow KB Socks
Payless Shoe

Do you like going outdoor?


  1. I love hiking and these mountain top pics made my night :) You look so cute!

  2. I should hike more! Thanks for the compliment:)

  3. Thanks Nancy. DO you like to hike?

  4. Ahhh not an outdoorsy person at all! I can walk all day long when I'm shopping but doubt that I can move an inch if someone asks me to go hiking hahaha xD

  5. haha~every girl love to walk while shopping:) Hiking is more fun and I love the smell of nature:)

  6. Wow what a nice day to go hiking~ Sadly im far too lazy for that.

    Thanks for the follow, I followed you back ^^

  7. If you don't like hiking, walking is good too:)

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  9. A little. I have been hiking in a national forest before, but that is about it.


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