Apr 28, 2011

Giveaway Prize from Imperfectly Painted

Last week, I won Step aka Imperfectly Painted's giveaway! I am so happy so I am here to show you the prizes!

Each nail polish has its own bubble warp! I took off all the papers and bubble warp that came with it:)

These are the nail polishes I received. It includes Maybelline, Sinful Colors, and a China Glaze nail polish.

The little note that came with it:) She's so sweet and nice!

If you love nail polish, you will definitely love Step's blog!

Thank you so much! I love the prizes!


  1. the colours are sooooo pretty~~congrads on winning~~~`

  2. Yes, all are gorgeous colors! Thank Jessy

  3. Aww how nice!!! You are definitely ready for summer with those colors 8D

  4. I'm glad you got your polishes! :)

  5. Oooh~ Such pretty polish shades! Congrats!


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