Dec 23, 2010

Sorry...lack of post but Merry Early X'mas

Sorry about the lack of post this week. I promise to do more post after Christmas. Well, as Christmas is approaching in like 2 days, I still haven't got presents for people. I think everyone is doing extreme last minute Christmas shopping like me, right?

I won't be updating until after Christmas because I am going out somewhere for a couple of days, which I don't exactly know where. He's saying it's something mysterious but we'll have to find out tomorrow if it's fun. I am still preparing his present and I hope it will turn out good. I am not hoping to be great but I'll take a good. I am not a professional in that area but I always hope to do it in one shot. Can anyone guess what the present is? Probably no one will know. I'll give in the answer later on next week so stay tune for it!

I want to ask you guys, what post do you want to see more of? Tutorial? Skin care? Reviews? Fashion?

I just want a quick understanding of what are the range of things you would like to see in this blog, because I really want to share the knowledge I know with you guys, the readers. 

I think I will be doing a personal blog giveaway soon to thank you all of you for your support so stay tune too!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas with lots of joys, love, and food!

Merry Christmas

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