Dec 29, 2010

Random Outfit of the Day

Here are pictures of some outfits of the day I took awhile back. I don't remember the exact day but I think most of them are out on a date. I haven't post outfit of the day for a long time so now I want to share some of the fashion I like and wore. I hope you guys like it. I will keep posting some new things this week more. So be sure to stay tune for reviews, tutorials, fashion, and giveaways.

Cardigan-Forever 21
Blue Stripe Shirt-H&M
Belt-Forever 21

Rainbow Cardigan-H&M
T-Shirt-American Eagle
Short-Gift from Mom
Tote Bag-Forever 21
Light Bulb Necklace-P.M. Collection(My Shop)
Star Necklace-18th Birthday Gift from Mom

What's your favorite outfit?

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