Dec 16, 2010

Random Shopping Day with Family

Today is my sister's day off work so she decided to drive us to the mall. It was not really a fun day because we didn't do any shopping at all except being forced to buy a pant for my nephew. When we got there, I immediately rush to the food court for some food because I am super hungry and did not ate anything before coming out. 

My nephew was being super naughty today in the mall. He loves to be angry at things and just sit on the floor. We all felt super embarrassed when people were asking what is going on. Ha-ha!! 

Here are some picture I took today of my nephew Jasper:
"What do you want? I am just having my ice cream.":said Jasper

"Hurry up Mama, give me some food!"

This is the outfit I wore to the mall
Green Jacket-Target
Gray Dress-Forever 21
Belt-Forever 21
Gray Tight-H&M

The eyeliner were drawn by my sister Connie. I think the eyeliner is a Sephora brand eyeliner.


So what do you guys plan to do on the weekend?


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