Jun 7, 2012

Review: Help:Clear Skin ( A New Way to Get Rid of Acne)


As all of you might know, I suffer from minor acne in my forehead. I am in the look out for ways to get rid of the acne and acne scar. Of course, I tried many ways to conquer the problem like using acne face wash, oil free facial lotion and even acne cream! Those didn't work well because most of them dried out my skin causing more pimples to appear. 

When I am losing hope, I was contacted by Sarah, the PR for help: clear skin. Help: Clear Skin is a natural beauty supplement that said to help reduce blemishes from the inside out in as little as six weeks. I was skeptical at first but decided to get this supplement a try.

Want to see if this is a hit or miss for me?

Help: Clear Skin contains Praventin, which is derived from milk protein that is rich in Lactoferrin, to reduce acne by boosting the body's natural defense! Therefore, you are fighting acne from the inside, not just on the skin itself.

The beauty supplement comes in a box of 7 sachets, which contain 5g of product. You need to take 1 sachet a day for the next couple of weeks to see results. Everyone's body reacts in a different way so the result will be different. 

The product itself look just like white powder or to me, it look like glucose powder. Those are the powder, my mom used to add to the bitter Chinese medicine so I wouldn't be able to taste the bitterness when drinking it. 

The glucose powder is sweet but the help: clear skin one isn't. It's almost tasteless. When I first try this product, I am afraid that the powder would have a weird taste or odor but now I can check that off my list. You don't have to worry about the taste because even when added to water, you still could not taste anything other water. 

In the packaging, it said you could add this supplement to any non-carbonated drink or soft food, no matter hot or cold. I like adding mine to coffee, oatmeal, porridge and green tea (above)! 

You can see that this product dissolve quickly in hot drink. I tried this product with cold water too. It did dissolve but at a slower pace. You need to stir it for a while until the powder dissolved. 


So far, this is not a bad product. I only experience minor tummy upset due to the gas my body put out. Sarah said it was probably Oligofructose's fault. It is a natural source of soluble fiber. Increasing fiber intake enables your body to expel toxins that affect the skin and help avert acne. 

This only happen to people who eat a high fiber diet, which is not really me I think...Does oatmeal have high fiber?


After taking this product, I don't see any huge breakout in my forehead. Occasionally, 1-2 may appear due to hormone changes in my body but so far, I am happy with the result. My forehead isn't as oily as before and acne scar is slowly disappearing. 

The price is a bit on the pricey side for £32 for 28 days pack. 

Overall, I would rate this 4/5 and definitely recommend it!


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If you have acne, you can give this a try! You might end up having clear skin!

What are your method of getting rid of acne? Do Share!

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer for review consideration. Read full disclosure here.


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