May 30, 2012

Taobao Haul (Masks, Clothings...)-Ordering from


I have been using a website called Panli for quite a while now. It is an agent company to help people outside of China to buy from different Chinese website such as Taobao. Taobao is similar to eBay or you could say it is the Chinese version of it. The website I bought from the most is Taobao because the stuffs are inexpensive.

I read the reviews on items before purchasing on the item page. I want to know what other customers thought of the products. If it is mostly negative reviews, I will pass on it since I don't want to waste my money even if it's dirt-cheap. 

In this post, I will be showing some of the clothing and skincare products that I bought. 

Want to see it?

The whole outfit is items from my haul. The quality is great for its price. I am planning to buy more cardigans since I really love the quality of this green one. I think it is about 30¥.

This blue floral skirt is about 70¥ and the quality is nice! It even came with a belt! As for the Celine Paris t-shirt, it's not the original one. The fabric is somewhat sheer for a black t-shirt but when the weather gets warmer, this will be a perfect fit.

I want to talk about the orange lip t-shirt first in this outfit. The quality is not as good as the Celine one because the fabric is very thin and sheer. You will need to put on a tank top underneath to cover up your bra. In addition, I really hate the neckline, as it's too high. I wish to show my collarbone during the summer.

The quality to the white cardigan is superb! It would be a great fit for summer/fall. The cute part is there is a small penguin on the left chest. I really like this denim short but it's a bit tight after I button up. I will have to lose some weight over the summer to be able to wear this short out. 

Please wish me luck in my journey to lose weight!

As you can see above, these are some dietary supplements. They are the one from Daiso Japan but I guess they only sold them at Asia stores. I tried to look for it in the US store near me but still no sign of them. If you saw them in the San Fran area, please tell me.

The rose masks and Mikas masks are from Taiwan. 

I think su:m is a Korea brand. All the masks did not irritate my skin and I plan to get some more! 

The su:m mask I bought is the Detox White mask. After you apply the mask to your face, it will create foam by itself. When the foam is forming, it can tickle your face a bit but be sure do not scratch it. 

The lip-gloss, tea tree mask and body wash sample are all samples given to me from the Mikas shop. They are pretty generous when it comes to sample/gifts.

Have you bought from Taobao before?


  1. Nice haul! The clothes look great on you!

  2. Thanks dear! I love them myself too!

  3. I love Taobao and Panli! Awesome haul, maybe you can post it on the Panli bbs website so the other Panli members can see it!

  4. Love the cardigans! Could you please post the links to them? (: 

  5. Sure! Here is the link to the cardigan:) 

  6. Absolutely love those outfits! 

  7. Lovely stuff. :)
    How was Panli's service? And was the shipping expensive? I'm thinking of ordering through them.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. The service at Panli is good as I didn't encounter any problems with shipping or customs. The shipping is not expensive but definitely not cheap. I do like ordering from them and plan to order again soon. You can definitely try out their website if you like to see if you like it or not. Once I started to order from them, I think I oot a little addicted. Haha!


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