Jun 9, 2011

Review: up & up Eye Makeup Remover

 This is my favorite eye makeup remover. It's cheap and effective. 

up & up Eye Makeup Remover is actually a Target store brand that can be compare to the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. 
Product Info
This oil-free liquid must be shaken to be activated. Use to gently wash away waterproof makeup without stretching or pulling skin. Skin is left fresh and clean with no residue. Aloe and cucumber extracts help soothe skin.

SHAKE WELL. Apply with a cotton pad on closed eyelids. Rinse gently with warm water.

Want to hear my thoughts?

My Thoughts
Before using this makeup remover, I used the Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover Pad but that one really irritated my eyes a lot causing eyelid redness for a few weeks. I stop using that and bought this Target brand since it's cheap. It's around $4 at Target I think. I am not that sure about the price but it's very reasonable. 

When I remove using this eye makeup remover, it never irritates or burns my eyelid a bit. I am very pleased with the result that it remove most of my makeup. As for small eye area that my cotton pad can't reach, I dip a cotton swab in the up & up Eye Makeup Remover and clean out the inner lash line and lower line.

The only downside about this eye makeup remover is it will feel oily on your eyelid even though it said oil-free. I don't see that as a very big problem because the instructions do said to rinse with warm water or you can clean it with a gentle cleanser. 

Overall, I am very happy with this eye makeup remover. I am almost done with my current bottle and planning to get another one soon!

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend? YES

up & up Eye Makeup Remover is available at any Target store.

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were bought by me. Read full disclosure here.


  1. i wish we have this products in canada~~~~

    btw hun, can you see your followers???? cuz i can't see mine...just wondering if it is me or there are other people too

  2. @Jessy: I can't see my followers too but somehow they will appear back again at a random time.

  3. I use this same brand. I love it, too! I just love beauty products! Thanks for sharing!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  4. @Gillian: Glad we like the same thing!

  5. I use the Neutrogena version and love it :) I might try the Target brand out soon... Thanks for the review!

  6. @Bri: You should really try this one!


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