Dec 11, 2011

Review: Hana 30 Days Athena Brown from PinkyParadise

It has been pretty cold out here in the Bay Area and I really wish spring could arrive sooner! The cold can never stop me from playing around with different makeup look. Sometimes, you might wonder what circle lens am I wearing right? 

This time I will be reviewing the Hana 30 Days Athena Brown

Thank you PinkyParadise for sponsoring me this lens for review. They are an online store with over 350 choices of circle lenses, ranging from natural series, enlarging series and cosplay series! All the circle lenses are ready stock so no more batch waiting! Other than circle lens, PinkyParadise also sell false lashes, mascara, facial mask , BB cream,etc. So basically they are your one stop eye make-up beauty store!

Now, I have to get back to the review or else I will get you bored by just introducing the shop, right?

Are you ready?

Hana 30 Days Athena Brown

 Lens Info
Price: $11.90
Brand: Hana
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 45%
Life Span: 1 Month Disposal

You might think that this brown lens cannot give your eye enlargement but you are wrong! Athena Brown blend through with my original eye color and became one! It gives my eyes a huge enlargement even only at 14.5mm in diameter! This look just like real eye color, right?

This is the most natural looking and comfortable lens I wore! Even with 4 hours of wear, I cannot feel the lenses inside my eye! How incredible is that! The life span is pretty short but you can get a good 1 month or a bit more with this pretty lens! 

Because the water content is 45%, you will feel no irritation or discomfort due to the lack of oxygen in the lens! Even with this high water content, water drop is still necessary to keep your eye moist during the cold day!

 There isn't much a pattern in these lens so if you are looking for a more noticeable effect, I suggest you go for other circle lens. For people who like to look natural and feel comfortable, these lens is just right for you!

  Overall, I loved Hana 30 Days Athena Brown and planning to try their other colors too!

Product: (5/5)
Comfort: (5/5)
Price: (5/5)
Packaging: (5/5)
Enlargement (5/5)

Would I recommend? Yes

If you want to receive some special offer from Pinky Paradise, use the code "mizudeyi".

1) Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts
2) The coupon code can be stacked. If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
3) A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.
4) The code has no expired dates :)
Caution Notes
You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any contact lens. It is your responsibilities to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses (which is provided in the website). The rule of thumb for your eye safety is, if you experience any discomfort, please remove the lens immediately.  

 DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. Read full disclosure here.


  1. Love these, they seem to be reviewed everywhere. I'd love to get my hands on these, but my eyesight changed so they don't carry my prescription in stocj.. and they're currently our of stock anyways, but i'll definitely buy some just to try out, they're so cheap :O more affordable than my colour ones from the optometrist ^^

  2. @Jen Yea I love them too! I wish they will restock them too! I need a new one:)

  3. You look lovely with or without them. It's a huge enlargement I'd say :)

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. i'm not sure how i feel about these ones, honestly. hmmm

  5. @socialitedreams They are pretty comfortable because you can throw them away in a month! The water content is much better than most circle lens!

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