Aug 16, 2011

Japanese Beauty Haul

I have been a very good girl  so far this month. I haven't been buying anything unnecessary that I don't need. Well, I want to finish using the beauty products I have now so I can get more room for more makeup/skincare products in the future! Ha-ha! 

Here are the beauty products I picked up at Misuwa Japanese Market. The Sally Hansen nail polish isn't from Misuwa but I just want to show you, that's all. 

Want to see a close up of what those products are?

Naris Up Skin Conditioner Toner w/ Hyaluronic Acid
Price: $7.49
My face started to feel dry as fall is approaching so I got this toner to make my face feel better! This toner has hyaluronic acid which can give your face the moisture it needs. I tried this for a few days and my skin is starting to get better! I will continue using it to give you girls a better review!

B&C Hearty Lab Happy Seven Soy Bean Beauty Gel
Price: $10.99
 I got this the same reason I got the Naris Up toner. I ran out of my night-time moisturizer and I needed one to keep my dry skin moist. Another reason I bought this is because it was on sale. Originally it was around $11.99 or $ 12.99, which is a reasonable price but nothing can beat a sale price, right? The texture of this product is gel-like and so far my skin is loving it! 

Marusan Selena Multi-Layer Cotton Puff
Price: $3.49
I heard lots of great reviews and comments about this cotton puff. It's great to use as a mask because you can peel it into 5 layers! Right now, I am using the Naris Up Toner with this cotton puff as a facial mask. After applying, my skin felt smooth and soft! It would be a rescue mask for dry skin if you are in a hurry!

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fuchsia Shock
 I got this at Target for around $6. It's the prettiest crackle in the collection. I try the other color but the color of those was either a bit sheer or the formula is streaky. Mr. L bought the black one because he wants to paint his Transformers with a crackle effect!

Vivi September 2011 Issue
I haven't bought Vivi in a long time. Reading it make me learn a lot about Japanese fashion and beauty products! All the outfits features in the magazine are so cute! I want them all!

That's the end of this haul. 
If I am not that lazy, I will post my recent clothing haul maybe this week or next!

What do you think? Have you try any of these products yet?


  1. The soy bean product looks interesting! I love Asian beauty products very much because they have different properties than the Western ones.
    what a nice haul

  2. @CookingChinchillasMe too! Different products does different thing!

  3. Looove it! The color of the nail polish looks lovely ^^ ahh would love to read that mag. :P xx

  4. @London's-beautyThanks! Sometimes you can find scans of the mag online:) If I have time, I might scan some pages:)

  5. I've heard wonderful things about the toner and cotton pad. Is it really that nice?? I love doing face masks.

  6. @Tanya So far after using the toner for a few days, I find it does do a good job at keeping my face moist! The cotton pads are amazing!

  7. Great haul! Nail polish looks lovely :)

  8. Great haul.The toner sounds very nice :)

  9. Vivi!! I love pop teen more, but I read vivi too just want to see Lena, lolol I love your haul, japanese cotton is the best <3

  10. @YamiSure is! Great for the fall/winter!

  11. @cominicaMaybe I should check out Pop Teen too! Yes, Lena is so cute!


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