Jun 29, 2011

Lavender Hollow Farm (Pics Heavy)

When I saw the beautiful that my friend took in from this place, I was fascinated by it. Therefore, Mr. L and I went there on their last day for this season to look at the beautiful lavender. The place is called Lavender Hollow Farm. It's a small farm that grows different variety of lavender so I don't have to go that far to France to see a whole lot of lavender.

Most pictures is taken from Mr. L since his pictures is way better than mine. 
So stay tune to join me on a journey to see lavender in "France"!

 Lavender Hollow Farm is around 2 hour drive from the Bay Area and is a great place to take photos. I enjoyed the lavender scent coming from the flower.

There were tons of bees at the lavender farm. I know they won't come close to me but hearing them buzz creep me out!

These are some very random photos of me drinking the Lavender Lemonade.

The old cars at the farm

I love the color of this old car even though I don't know its name.

This is the Lavender Lemonade that we got at the farm. I was so dumb that I line up at the wrong line. The line that I was lining up for is to get their Lavender Lunch Special. The actual line for the lemonade was right next to the line I was standing in. There was actually no one lining up! I feel so stupid! Haha!

Hey! It's Us!
Overall, I really enjoy the mini trip to Lavender Hollow Farm except for the bees and the hot weather. We bought some dry lavenders and some lavender essential oil.  

Lavender Hollow Farm
22244 McBride Ave. 
Escalon, CA 95320

Visit their website and Facebook for more info.
Have you enjoy this trip? 

Don't go away! I will take you to some small towns on the next few posts!
Hang on tight!
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Photo credit goes to Mr. L


  1. Aww~ you look so happy and pretty!
    Seems like you had heaps of fun :D
    I love your outfit by the way xo

  2. @PopBlush Haha! Yea I had fun beside hearing the bee buzz and the heat. I love that outfit too! I'll do an OOTD for it:)


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