Jun 27, 2011

FOTD: Crazy in Redish Pink

This is a red look I did a couple days ago before I've been MIA. It consists of pink & red eye shadow, magenta pink cheeks, and pinkish red lip. I forgot what I use on my lip because beside the lipstick, I added on a bit pink eye shadow to make it more vibrant. I hope you girls like this look. 

This week, I will be posting more posts because of my MIA before. I have all the photos for reviews, random things, and FOTD ready but just don't have time to write them up. I hope everyone is missing me! 


  1. I have missed your posts! I love it! The red is very sexy~

  2. You look so sexy with red lips! Love it~

  3. I love pink & red in makeup! Love this look.

  4. @Yami: I miss you too!

    @Popblush: Thanks hun!

    @Mandy: YEs! I love them too! They are so pretty and thanks!

  5. You look beautiful with red lips :)

    Love Christine ♥


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