Apr 16, 2011

Review: Hard Candy Fox in a Box Bronzing Duos & Blushing Quads in "Skinny Dipping"

I know this review is a little late since I saw a lot of people reviewed this product already but I will still give you girls my opinion on this bronzer/blush.

I got this like last month when I get a chance to visit Walmart. As some of you might know, I live in San Francisco which doesn't have a Walmart. The closest one is probably across the bay in Oakland. 

The packaging looks great because it's in a very cute little box and inside contains a blush and a bronzer.

The brush that came with it is terrible so don't bother using it.

I got 3 of the colors that I like at around $6 a box. The price isn't bad at all.

 Product Info
A highly pigmented multi-color powder compact that will surely bring out your inner foxy lady. Each box contains coordinated shades that blend together perfectly and a custom Hard Candy applicator brush. Sweep across chin, cheeks, and forehead and unleash the foxiness in you!

Swatches (left to right)
Bronzer, Blush
The colors are quite pigmented but not over pigmented that could make my face all bronzey looking. This gives my cheek a nice warm glow and it should be great for a spring/summer look.

This is how it looks on my cheek:
 The colors might look very orangey but when you put it on your face, you will just see a more peachy color rather than the actual orange you see in the box. 

I forgot to tell you guys that these boxes can be a little fragile because once you drop it, the blush/bronzer will break into pieces. Just handle it carefully then you shouldn't have much problems with this.

Overall, I am impressed with "Skinny Dipping" and can't wait to review the other two Fox in a Box I bought.


Great colors
Cute Packaging
Not tested on animals

Box is fragile

Have you try this yet?


  1. These are really nice, The box is fragile, but the colors are quite nice!

  2. I totally agree with you Nancy~I hope Hard Candy come up with a better box next time.

  3. I haven't tried this yet but looks nice~

  4. Yes, it's very pigmented and beautiful:)


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