Apr 5, 2011

Many Many Ghost Town Trip

I don't know why but Mr. L and I love going to visit small town or ghost town. I love learning the history of the town. I find these small towns so fascinating because of their history and everything behind it. People might have left or died in the town but whatever remains is history.

The town we went to is Jackson and some nearby town. We stayed at Jackson for more than 2 hours since Mr. L wanted to see the antiques store. After looking around for so long, he bought a vintage Polaroid camera and I bought nothing. Even though I don't know much about antiques but when I see something I like and I think it's worth it, I'll buy it. Looking at antiques is so much fun, don't you agree? 
I didn't take much photos but the mini getaway trip was fun. Jackson is around 2 hour drive from San Francisco. It's near Stockton, CA. If you live in the Bay Area, Jackson is a place worth checking out for great antiques.

Buildings at Jackson

Downtown Jackson

 A very cool Buggy

National Hotel at Jackson that will be opening Fall 2011. I want to come back during fall to see the inside of the hotel.

The antique shop that Mr. L bought the vintage camera.

Wishing Well at Jackson
The well itself is like a garbage can full of junk!
 A train that used to run in the area called Amador Cannonball.

This use to be a mine at Amador City.

Amador City near Jackson. 
They are just a couple miles apart from each other.

Historic Downtown Amador City

Historic street in Amador City

Amador Railroad

The railroad models
 I actually film a video of myself being the tour guide for this railroad model trip. It is funny and I might sound weird. I hope you guys like it.

A Lake near Jackson but it's hard to get here since we have to go around the lake and into the park, which we paid $7 entrance fee.

I spot Mr. L!

This place is beautiful especially when it's near sunset. Maybe we could go back here for a little picnic or BBQ:)

I see Mi!

The sun

Mr. L's trying to take the movement of the grass.
A stupid photo of us two's shadows.
That's the end of this trip. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. I'm lack in post this week and I will try to catch up on things!

How's your weekend?

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