Feb 17, 2011

2011 First Clothing Haul

I haven't done a clothing haul or any haul lately. As you may all know, sometimes I can be lazy when it's time to take photo. You have to find the right lighting and the right mood to do it. I hope all of you will understand me.

Now on to the clothing I bought this year. I am in love with pink and stripes sweater/shirt this season. They are easy to match with clothes I already own. I know it may look boring but when you know how to put together different clothing pieces, it can truly be fashionable. You don't have to always buy new clothes every season in order to keep up with the latest fashion trend. To me, the most important thing is to be yourself. If it doesn't match your personality, then don't wear it. That is just my advice.

Sorry for the super bad lighting today due to the weather today. It has been raining all day long and during noon, it even starts hailing. I hope the weather will get better soon and I will be more happy to welcome spring.

H&M Pink + White Stripe Sweater
 This sweater was on sale in H&M for only $10! I know that I had to grab it!

Old Navy White Pink Stripe Top
 This top was in the clearance section of Old Navy for only $10.99. It is a long top that can go great with legging and jean.

Dotted Lace Corset T-Shirt
 I bought this T-shirt from a Chinese online store. This shirt was the lucky bag item I got from that store. I am very happy with this T-shirt and this will look great with dress or jean.

Aeropostale Blue + White Stripe Top w/ Hoodie
The reason I bought this top is I haven't bought a short top in a long time. I want something more suitable for the spring time. If the weather start getting warmer then it will be a great time to wear this top out, but it's a little see throughish.

Brown Woven Short
Actually, I really like this short but it's a little tight for me. I think if I loosen a little weight and exercise my bottom more, this pant will look good on me (I think). This is also from the Chinese online store.

I had my eye on this bag for a few weeks. Then couple days ago, on Valentines Day, Mr. L bought me it. This will be great for any season and I would love to find a floral dress to match with this bag.

Have you bought anything you like recently that you want to share with me?

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  1. Oh I really like the first 2 sweaters and the cute pink bag!! So cute! xo

  2. @PopBlush: I love the two sweater too because I love pink. Btw, that bag is red not pink~haha:)

  3. Those tops are gorgeous! I love the stripes!

  4. @Sarah: I don't know why, but I love stripes too:)


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