Nov 17, 2010

H&M and Victoria Secrets Haul + OOTD #4

A couple of days ago, I went shopping with my mom and Shar. We walked around the whole downtown and bought some things from H&M and Victoria Secrets.


Victoria Secrets was having a 7 panties for $25 sale. Well, I don't consider it to be a sale because every time I go in, it's just the same sign that said $25 for 7 panties. Anyways, we needed some new ones and decided to each pick a few.

We were at H&M for a long time looking around their clothes. My sister got a Hello Kitty t-shirt and my mom got a bra. I bought 2 tights, a bra, and 2 eyeshadow quads, which I already did a review on. Review 

This tight is a cotton blend tight. It is much suitable to wear in the fall/winter because it is thick and can keep you warm. I love this tight a lot and it kept me very warm when I wore it last night on a date with my bf.



This is a Black star-square pattern tight. I am not sure if I like this or not because it looks funny on me. I don't know what tops or bottom I should pair this with. Any ideas?

The outfit shown below is the one I wore yesterday night out with my bf.




Blue Jacket-Wholesale-Dress
Pink Shirt-Ross Dress for Less
Black Short-No Brand
Belt-Gift from Mom
Gray Tight-H&M

Had anyone bought anything they like recently? Share with me below in the comment section:)


  1. cute haul! i've been buying a CRAP load of make up its so bad

  2. @Roxy: Thanks~Buying makeup is not bad~girls always need new one~haha

  3. Hi!!
    I love H&M too^^
    I'm a Japanese girl loving cute&lovely things!
    Nice to meet you~

  4. everything what u bought is so cool and trendy! wow! i like the shoes a lot!!

  5. @ We Inspire Us: Thanks:) I love the shoe alot!

  6. love love love those shearling booties!


  7. @Chelsea Lane: Yes! I don't know if they still have it at H&M anymore:) You should check it out too


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