Oct 26, 2011

IN Pink Jewelry

Recently I won a giveaway from Mode Bay Area on a $40 In Pink gift card. IN Pink is an online company that sells fashion jewelry at a very reasonable price! 

When I receive the package, this is the box that came with it! Isn't the packaging beautiful? To me, packaging in everything is very important because I will go with the product or item that has the cutest packaging, don't you agree?

Want to see what I got?

 I used the gift card for a cuff bracelet and a bead bracelet. Both of them look fascinating in person! 

Burnt Silver Tone Flower Hinged Cuff
Price: $16.00
 I love the burn effect on this hinged cuff! The flower design is adorable and this accessory would go great with any clothing. The sad thing about this product is that it's too big for my wrist! It could fall out easily if I don't put another bracelet beneath this hinged cuff! Other than that, I am happy that I picked this cuff bracelet!

Price: $20.00
Such a lovely bead bracelet! The aqua color bead is just so pretty! This goes well with any outfit and can brighten up your outfit! Unfortunately, this bead bracelet is still a little loose on my wrist. Sometimes I just wish my wrist is a bit bigger. 

The total came to around $45 so I have to pay $5 out of my packet since the gift card deducted $40 off my purchases! The quality is definitely great for its reasonable price!

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase at IN Pink. I hope you like the jewelry too!

Rating: 5/5

Would I recommend? Yes

Be sure to check out their wide range of fashion jewelry at their website!

What are your favorite accessories?


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