Aug 18, 2010

Shopping day @

I have been looking through this online clothing store for a month now. Finally last week, I made a purchase on a shoe. I have been wanting this shoe for a while but the prices was quite high at different online store. When I saw that Wholesale-dress offer this shoe at a very low price, I decided to laid my hands on them. The price was very cheap $9.83!!! The color that I got was black. The item number is U10080917


Before paying for the shoe, I contacted their 24 hours customer service about the shoe problem. I ask them about what shoe size should I get because I wear different sizes for different shoe. I also asked about the quality of this shoe. The representative was very patient and kind to answer all my question honestly. She said the shoe quality isn't that good but if you keep them well, it should be good for everyday wear. I asked her if you can go into the water with this shoe, she told me that I should not because it would damage the shoe. 

I know I am very annoying but the representative was very nice. I love their customer service a lot. I also love their shipping because it said that I should receive my item on August 20th but I got it 2 days earlier. I am very happy about that.

Now back to the shoe. Here is the shoe that I have received from them.

Overall, I would rate this shoe 8/10.

Excellent customer service
Fast shipping
Good for everyday wear

Shoe smells bad
Quality isn't that good

I would definitely buy from them again~

Anyone bought anything from this website? Share your experience with me.


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  2. @Deals online: Thank you for your comment^^

  3. nice page!! check out my site too ^^

  4. @onthecarousel: I will check out your site too^^

  5. beautiful legs.....i mean beautiful lady

  6. @SIRS haha~you can tell that about my leg in that pictures? how amazing? The truth is my legs aren't that good.

  7. did u only buy one item on the site? because my sis said that you have to buy a certain amount. and is the shoe's quality good?

  8. @Mai: You don't need to buy a certain amount~or maybe just to get free shipping. The shoe quality is not that bad but don't have too high expectation on it. I think it's good to wear on a daily basis. Hope this helps and you can always contact their customer service about it.


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