May 20, 2010

Some Haul/Reviews


1) e.l.f. makeup remover cleansing cloths 5/5
I like it a lot because it really does its job of removing makeup and dirt in my face. This is the second time I bought this. I recommend this product

2) Dessert Essence 100% Jojoba Oil from Trader Joe's 5/5
I came across this item at Trader Joe's. My legs are always dry and I think summer is approaching so it is time to start taking care of my legs. I put this oil on at night and rub all over my leg until it is fully absorbed into my skin. The next day, my skin feels so soft. I fell in love with this oil because it is natural and safe to use on my skin.

3) e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine in Malt Shake 5/5
I saw lots of good reviews on this item in their website. So I say, why not give it a try because it is only $1!! The color is pigmented but I did to reapply once in a while. I love the color because it did show color on my red lip. I would recommend checking out this item in Target or in its website.

4) e.l.f. Minty Lip Gloss in Nashville 4/5
I love the packaging of this item. When I saw this item at Target, I think it would be more of a nude color lip gloss but the color is very sheer. There was not much color when I applied to my lip. I love elf product but this one is not my favorite.

5) e.l.f. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Light/Glow 4/5
I always want to try this concealer for a long time after the good review from its website so when I saw it at Target, I immediately bought it. First when I put it on without eye cream underneath it, my eye looked very cakey. Therefore, I try to put this product on top my eye cream, it glide through smoothly. It covers most of my dark circle for its low price of $3. I like this concealer a lot but I am still looking for a concealer with more coverage. I never try the highlighter part because it looks very white.

6) Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm in Original 5/5
I love lip products especially lip balm and lip gloss. I can go out with no foundation or concealer but I will never leave my house without lip balm or lip gloss. Lots of people recommend this product before so when I saw it was on sale around $1.59 for 2 at Walgreens, I did not hesitate to buy it. I love this lip balm a lot because it is super moisturizing for my dry lip but I absolutely hate the medicine smell of this product.

FTC Disclosure: All products mentioned are bought by me.I was not paid and affiliated with the company mentioned. All opinions are 100% mine.

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