Nov 18, 2013

(Sponsored) Review: U by Kotex Liner

Wow! It has been forever since my last blog post. I guess over the last six months, I have lost my passion for blogging. If I am to do a crappy job, I rather not post at all. I hope to really come back this time.

Anyway, today I will be sharing about feminine care products instead of makeup/skin care. I feel like feminine care products are very important to us women, don't you think so? If you got the wrong products, your day will be miserable to start out with. 

Now back to talking about my period. My monthly cycle has been all over the place these few years. Some months, they will visit me on time and other time they just show up late! I used an app to track my period to make sure they are showing up when are supposed to. 

To be honest, I like using pads more than tampon because I just don't like sticking something up my vagina during a bloody day. On lighter days, I prefer to use a thin liner because it is lighter and thinner. I am pretty picky on my pad as some can really irritate my skin. 

Want to know what I think about this product?

Product Info
U by Kotex Liners
  • Liners are perfect for back up protection from surprises or last-minute spotting
  • U by Kotex Curves Liners are soft and flexible, shaped to fit your underwear and your body; feature comfortable CleanWear® cover
  • U by Kotex Barely There Liners are super thin and flexible to fit any underwear—so comfy you’ll barely know it’s there
  • U by Kotex Barely There Liners feature sheer sides keep everything in place and virtually undetectableff

I love the cute packaging of this product. It's chic and colorful. Honestly, when I first saw this on the shelf, I immediately bought a pack even before the product was sent to me to test.

Beside being all pretty looking, the absorbency is nice on very light days or on days you want to keep discharge away from your underwear. 

This U by Kotex liner stay on my panty pretty well. It won't slide or move once the adhesive stick to the underwear. When I have them on, I can't even feel that they are there, it is like they are invisible!

As a liner, it is very thin and sometimes I do worry that my period will leak through, so wearing a thicker pad will do the trick. I always have these liners in my bag just in case of emergency.

(Me: Oh wow! Look at these incredible liners!)

Overall, this is a product for me. I would totally recommend to you ladies who like using pads instead of tampons.

You can try a sample of the U by Kotex line from their website to see for yourself om how well the product can protect you!

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I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

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