Aug 3, 2012

(Travel/Food) Eating Around Small Town, Mendocino...

 ("I am from the toy store!")

I don't know if you girls remember that Mr. L and I went on a mini toad trip to Mendocino. It is about a 3 hours drive from San Francisco. Mendocino is a beautiful seaside town with lot of Victorian style inn. Mr. L and I stayed at one too. I forgot its name but he bought the inn deal via Groupon so the price is much better. This deal even came with a complimentary wine! 

This is mostly a food post so if you dislike yummy food, I suggest you leave!

Come on!


The first night at Mendocino, we dine at Mendo Bistro, which is a cool restaurant located in Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg is a small town near Mendocino so going there was convenient.

We get to pour our own water with this big glass bottle!


Mendo Bistro did not use tablecloth, instead they use large paper to replace it. We even found crayons on the table so I decided to draw my favorite "Stick Friend"!

Now back to the food. First off, we started with half pound of mussels! The sauce consists of roasted garlic, Mendo Bistro's Pancetta & White Wine.

I am totally in love with their mussels! The sauce is just right for me, not too rich!


I ordered the Sauteed Halibut! The herb salad was not bad and the halibut lacks flavor.

Mr. L ordered the Seafood Risotto! 

Yes, it's mussel again! I love mussel so I took some from his entree!

Finally, it is my favorite moment eating out! The dessert! 

We got the Mocha Creme Brulee with caramelized banana! I love the richness of the mocha flavor! 

Now that completes my dinner! Yum Yum!



Next day, we ate at Mendo Burgers for lunch! Can you see the big check board in the dining room! How cool is that!

 They are old-fashioned style burgers that taste delicious! Of course, we have to get the fries too! Another yum yum for me!

I love this picture of me taken by Mr. L.

Our last night in the Mendocino County, we decided to try out Cliff House Restaurant of Fort Bragg. This restaurant is located in on top of a cliff. We got great views of the ocean from our table.

To start our last dinner, we try out their Sautéed Clams. I think the sauce was a bit rich for me but overall, not bad!

 Mr. L finished this half dozen of raw oysters. I eat oyster but only grilled. He said it was good!

The truth is Mr. L is not on a diet. It makes me look terrible when he ordered this Caprese Salad. I am the one stick with the pasta!

I like their Grilled Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo even though the sauce is still rich for my taste. The chicken was moist.

To finish off a not bad dinner, a dessert is a must! Unfortunately, this Tripe Chocolate Mousse Tower was too much for us to handle! The taste is great but just too much! This is the first time I cannot finish a dessert! Shame on me!

Even though the days we have been in Mendocino was windy but we got a great view of the sunset in our Victorian style room! It was a great getaway from the city!

 We even made a wish too in this small rock pond!

Have you ever been to Mendocino?


  1. The food looks too good! I'm drooling, haha. Caramelized bananas? I want to try!

  2. Haha! Caramelized bananas are just too good!


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