Jul 5, 2012

Review: Too Faced "Better Than False Lashes" Nylon Lash Extension System


It has been a long time since my last post. I hope that you girls did not forget about me. I will try to be more active here and keep you all updated with stuffs.

As you might know, I do not wear false lashes regularly or I rarely use them. I rely on mascara to do the falsie job. Well, it might not give my short lashes a super dramatic boost but achieving a natural look is what I want.

When Too Faced came out with their Better Than False Lashes Mascara, I was eager to try. I was hoping for a dramatic change in my lashes. 

Do you think it did the job? Read on!

 Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara
Retail: $35.00

This is not your regular mascara. It is a lash extension system with flexistretch nylon fibers to help you achieve that falsie effect.

The packaging is very chic and I love that Too Faced included picture instruction on how to apply this mascara. I am a visual kind of girl so any image on the packaging would be great for me!

This 3-step system claim to add about 98% more volume and 42% more length to your lashes. So you will not have to spend money on lash extension! It is easy to apply so no hassle with the glue for falsies!

This mascara is ophthalmologist tested so it is safe for contact lens user like me! I did not experience any irritation or discomfort when using this product!


First, apply the Activating Mascara to create a base for the lashes. Then apply the nylon fiber onto every lash. Lastly, brush on the activating mascara again to seal the nylon fiber to get that "Better Than False Lashes" effect! 

I really like the brush of both products in the system. With this mascara wand, I can brush on every eyelash! It does a good separating job and it is clump-free! I hated when a mascara look all clumpy! That would not make a great day, right? :(

Do you like brush like me?

I try my best to capture the effect of this mascara. 

Here is the result is below:

 As you can see above, this lash system did not make a dramatic change to my lashes but it did however added a bit of length.

I was a bit disappointed at this mascara. If you are looking a more dramatic look to your lashes, I think you should go for the Maybelline the Falsies instead. That mascara did a nice job of adding length and volume to my lashes.

Everyone gets different result; I think I might be the few who did not big result with this lash system. This is not a bad mascara but just not right for me. I guess I do not always get good result with fiber mascara. :(


If you want to get this product, visit Sephora or Too Faced to get it!

Have you tried this mascara yet?

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer for review consideration. Read full disclosure here.


  1. you look so fresh. i love your photos. so clear. stay pretty! :)

    ❤ misskatv.com

  2. Glad you like it:) I happy to hear that my fresh face did not bored you:)

  3. i havent tried this mascara yet, i think its pricy too :/ anyway the packaging looks pretty and it obviously added some length to your eyes. keep them look so natural! and i love your pics, you look so cute! :) 

  4.  I like how natural it looks but it claim to be more like falsies. I do agree it's pricey. I think my lashes just don't do well with fiber mascara:(


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