Jun 8, 2012

Review: Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist "Sweet Pea"


I noticed that my last fragrance review was over 2 years ago when I first started this blog. I am glad that the Influenster Voxbox for this month included a fragrance! If you don't know who Influenster is, they are a company that sends out products to different people to try out and give their opinions on. When you unlock more badges for your profile, you increase your chance to receive a Voxbox that suits in your area of interest. So basically, it's like a review program and if you are a fit, Influenster will send you a Voxbox!

Anyways, want to see if I like this fragrance or not?

Bath & Body Works recently launched a new collection called "Fine Fragrance Mist". The collection includes 20 Signature Scent from their store! It sold exclusively in Bath & Body Works. Well it's their fragrance; of course, it has to sell at their own store, right?

The scent that I received is Sweet Pea. I bought hand cream, body lotion & hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works before. My favorite scent is Sweet Pea. When I receive this fragrance mist, I am super excited to try! I don't usually put on fragrance because I feel like it can overpower my own scent, which might be from shampoo or body lotion. 

Well, if it's my favorite Sweet Pea scent, then I don't mind putting it on. 

Sweet Pea has a fruity floral scent that reminds me of tropical mango. It just freshen up my day to smell this good!

 ("Wow, interesting...," said ME)

If you are into fruity floral scent then I highly recommend it! You won't regret! If not, you can choose from the remaining 19 Signature Fragrance.  

Retails around $14.00 in most Bath & Body Works store.

Have you try their fragrance mist before?

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by Influenster's Voxbox program for review consideration. Read full disclosure here.


  1. Hi cutey! I awarded you on my blog here: 

  2. This must be my absolute favorite B&BW scent, even though I still think this store is completely overrated ahah!

  3. Yea, it's a bit overrated. I don't often shop there but if I do, then Sweet Pea stuff is a must by for me:) 

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  5. A lot of bloggers had been raving Sweet Pea. Makes me curios too.
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