May 12, 2012

Spotted: CK Moisturizing Foundation in Big Lots!


After reading G from Nouveau Cheap's post about her spotting Philosophy products in Big Lots, I know I have to check it out!

While I didn't find any Philosophy products but I did find a CK Moisturizing Foundation. The only color they have is in 105 Caramel which is too dark for me. If Big Lots carry lighter shade, I would definitely buy it! It's only $8.00

I also found Revlon nail polish sets there too but I don't like the color so I end up leaving empty-handed:(

If you are in the Milpitas area, you have to check out the Big Lot near Great Mall to test your luck!

Happy Hunting! 

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  1. Great surprises here!

  2. I found some Philosophy makeup yesterday! I didn't see any CK ones though!

  3. Lucky! I search everywhere at that Big Lots and found no Philosophy:(

  4. Wow $8! Thats really affordable! Too bad they didnt have your shade..

  5. Yea...I wish they carry more shade:( I'll go again to check if they carry some more:)


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