Feb 13, 2012

AsianKoreanFashion Review-OOTD: Sweet Sweet Valentines

Finally an OOTD post is up! The theme is somewhat inspired by Valentine's Day so you could say it's a sweet romance outfit. Since it's the sweet day, I want to brighten up myself a lot but of course not neon color! The color brings out a soft, sweet, and playful side of me in a way.

This bat sleeve skull sweater is sponsored by AsianKoreanFashion. I did a post about their clothing last year and I really love their quality! here

Want to see more of me?


Even though it's raining now in SF but this sweater does keep me warm from the cold. Since the sweater is a neutral color, it can go well with lots of my clothing from my not so big wardrobe! I feel like it matches this dress from H&M very well, don't you think so? I love everything about this sweater from the design to the color!

Sweater: AsianKoreanFashion, Denim Dress: H&M, Tights: Taobao, Shoe: Taobao, Headband: Taobao

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Are you going to celebrate with your love one? 

I think it will probably be simple this year. Just being him makes me feel sweet and warm:)

 Be sure to check out AsianKoreanFashion shop!

What do you think?

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  1. You look cute!!!!' my daughter and i have been watching korean soaps lately. Boys over flower and playfull kiss. We always admire their soft looking flawless skin! Any beauty tips you can share with us? Asian beauty care are so popular in my country(philippines) but they are so hard to find here in the U.S. anyway i've heard of this beauty cream that korean actors use on their face, if i remember it right it was something like "bb cream" ? Have you ever try it and if it really works? I want to try them if i can find it at our local asian market.
    I would really appreciate all sorts of beauty care you can share, moisturizers, lotion, soap anything! I think Asian beauty care are the best!


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