Sep 10, 2011

My Daily Beauty Regime

Skin care is a very important step in my everyday life because there are no ugly-looking woman in the world but only lazy one. I believe if you don't take care of yourself then who will? Even though beauty comes from the heart but you can't neglect your outer beauty too!

I don't really have specific products for my daily beauty regimen. I use what I feel like using but more importantly, I use what my face needed that day/night. 

Are my regime same as you?

Morning Routine
In the morning, I would of course cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser to get rid of excess oil or dirt that I got from my pillow or blanket. 

Second, I would apply a moisturizing toner to tone my face. If time permits, I will pour some toner into a cotton pad and apply to my face as a mask to give my face the moisture it needs. 

Next up is moisturizer. Usually, I will use a gel-like moisturizer in the fall/winter because I find that my face does need the water it deserve. 

Lastly, I will never leave the house without sunscreen on my face. It good to prevent anti-aging at an earlier age because you will really see the difference when you are older.

Night Routine
Even if you are not wearing makeup, you still need to clean your face at night. That is a very important step that one cannot skip. 

First, I would use a hot cloth cleanser to remove my makeup and clean my face. Everyone is lazy so having a cleanser that can do both of those job is a great choice. 

Second, I would tone my face as usual. 

Next up is an anti-aging serum or any kind of serum that would benefit the face. 

Since I don't use a night cream, I use the same moisturizer as in my morning routine. If my morning moisturizer had SPF then I would not use it at night because whatever product that had SPF will need to wash off at night.

Other Routine
For 2-3 times a week, I will put on facial mask to either add moisture or lighten my skin.
I exfoliate my face 2 times a week to get rid of the deep in dirt/oil that's trap on my skin.

Other great way to help with your overall skin, soak yourself in a bath with bath salt or powder to help with the body's blood circulation. Your body will feel so much better the next day!

What is your daily beauty regime? Share with me below!


  1. Thanks for sharing your beauty regime with us~ =D

  2. Great post!Skin Care routines are so important~

  3. Great skincare routine! ^^ i learnt that toning is the most important though O___O;; so if i dont hav time, i skip cleansing and just tone & moisturize haha

  4. Can you tell us which exact product/brands you are using right now. I've never seen Dove's foam cleanser before, but it's probably not available where I am.

    My regime is the same except the night serum.

  5. Great regime! :) I don't have a specific regime yet.

  6. thanks for sharing this, my daily regime almost same like yours, lol >.<


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