Sep 27, 2011

Influenster August Naturals VoxBox

Influenster is an exclusive community of trendsetters using their influence to qualify for complimentary product shipments, rewards and deals fit for their lifestyles. Members love testing the latest products, offering insightful feedback and spreading the word on products they rate positively! 

Basically, you have to unlock badges that match you and hope that you qualify for a Voxbox to try out different new products! The more badges you unlock, the better!

On August, I qualify for their Naturals Voxbox which includes all natural or organic products to test out! 

Are you ready to see what I received?

Products from August Naturals VoxBox

Retail: $9.49
 This botanical wash gently cleanses and safely nourishes your skin with Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin b5.

So far I am loving this hand soap because it doesn't dry out my hands like other one I have used before. I think it's because it contains aloe vera that it kept my hands moisturize even after wash it! The smell is definitely pleasant! It has a very refreshing plant scent! I would definitely give this product a 5/5 rating!

Retail: $15.50

Gently removes built-up oil & debris, unclogs pores & helps condition the skin to prevent breakouts. Use to cleanse facial skin.

I love the light creamy texture of this cleanser. At first when I use this, the scent was a bit unpleasant but now I got used to that tree scent so it's not a problem anymore. This cleanser doesn't dry out the skin after cleansing. It does a good job in removing the oils and debris on the surface of my skin. I am still using this to see if it helps with my forehead blemishes. So far, the blemishes are still there but new ones aren't coming out anymore. I hope to get rid of it soon! I would give this a 4/5 rating!
Retail: $29.95 (Hair Kit Set)
 A 5-in-1 formula, this one product takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It cleanses hair thoroughly but without lathering and all the harsh ingredients (no sodium lauren sulfate or other damaging detergents) that may be found in ordinary shampoos.

I have tried their pomegranate version of this cleansing conditioner and I love it. I have to admit that I like the smell of this one more because I am always a sucker for anything that has a minty scent. It does the same great job as the pomegranate one of cleansing my hair. Now I can't live without it (jk!) I would give this a 5/5 rating!

Retail: $18.00
 This product is a kiss of nature for your lips. The combination of antioxidant-rich berries & minerals ia packed with the perfect amount of pucker-up color.

As you can see in the swatches above, this is a dark berry red kind of color. For color wise, I am not fond of it because I don't like to wear this kind of dark color. I do love that this lip color is moisturizing and goes on lip smoothly. The texture isn't too soft or firm so when you apply, you will get an even color. I think this lasted for about 2 hours for me if I am not eating or drinking before reapplying it. The packaging is very chic and I really adore this simple tube! I would give this a 3/5 rating.

Retails: $2.99
This organic nourishing lip balm glides on without waxiness, providing a barrier against harsh environmental conditions.

I am total lip balm junkie at some point but am now controlling myself from buying too much lip balm. The scent of this lip balm reminds me of cherry cough medicine. This glide on smoothly on my lip and leave not waxiness or stickiness behind. I love that this is organic and natural so I can be at ease when I use it! If you are a lip balm junkie like me, you will love this too! I would give this a 5/5 rating!

Retails: $6.99
 Scientifically formulated to treat bleeding gums and other gingivitis symptoms. Alcohol-free and free of artificial  flavors and colors, the rinse is an effective breath-freshener for your everyday mouth rinse. Use twice a day for 30 seconds, spit out after use.

When I first use this rinse, I really hated the taste because it's weird and something I haven't taste it before. As I use this more, I am starting to like the taste a bit. This helps with my bleeding gum a lot. Now I am experiencing a lot less bleeding than before. The color green might be a bit weird but you will love the natural taste afterward and the result it can produce! I am totally loving this mouth rinse. I will give this a 5/5 rating!

Retails: $1.29
Made with the goal of creating unique flavors that give consumers choices in natural chips, these chips are both healthy & tasty.

These chips are not as oily as the tortilla chips I ate before. This taste just like regular tortilla chips but healthy at the same time. Now you don't have to worry about artificial ingredients. Even though it's a sweet potato flavor tortilla chip but I cannot taste any sweet potato at all. If they all in a bit more sweet potato then the taste would be even more wonderful! I love that it contains 5g of fiber too! If you are a vegan, you can enjoy this too! I would give this a 4/5 rating!

Retail: $2.99
 Certified organic, low in sugar, and only 150 calories, this healthy bar is made to satisfy your sweet tooth with 0 grams of guilt.

This s'mores snack bar actually taste good! I always thought that snacks bar would taste disgusting because they are low in sugar. Even though this is low in sugar, it does give my sweet tooth a bit of sanctification without having to worry that I ate too much calories! If you are looking for a great low calories snack bar, this would definitely be it! I would give this a 5/5 rating!

I am very satisfy with this August Naturals Voxbox from Influenster! I will continue to be as green as possible in my daily life!

If you want to see my video of me unboxing the Voxbox, please see below link.

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DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post was provided by Influenster. I am part of the Influenster community but all opinions are 100% mine. Read full disclosure here.


  1. Aside from the Juice Beauty lipstick (because of the color), everything looks wonderful! It's so cool you were able to have all of these goodies sent to you :)

  2. @Beauty Blogger Bri Yea it was fun to try out all those products! You should join too!

  3. hey:) i just awarded your blog with the True Beauty Blogger award- you can see more here


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