Aug 4, 2011

Fitting Fun + OOTD

These are some of the outfits I have tried on on my shopping trip last month. Tell me what you think of them!

H&M Beige Polka Dot Dress

What do you think of this dress? I actually quite like this dress but will this look weird on me? Should I buy this?

H&M White Shirt

I felt weird with this shirt on so I didn't buy it.

H&M Denim Top Dress 
 This dress would make a great summer dress! I love the how the contrast of the denim top and the polka dot dress. I love it so much that I immediately bought this home with me! 

My most recent OOTD at some random store in the mall.
Black Jacket-Unknown Brand
Gray Dress- Forever 21
Belt-Forever 21
Black Pattern Tight-H&M
Oxford Shoe-H&M
Pink Print Bag-Forever 21

What is your favorite outfit?


  1. I love the polka dot dress too! I'm glad you bought it cause it looks great on you. And I love those shoes. :)

  2. I love the first and second outfit~~ ^_^

  3. I love the first beige dress! I also love your shoes

  4. cute~~~i like the denim dress on you~~~very nice look


  5. I think that polka dot dress is lovely! You should get it :) And if that white shirt is the one that's really sheer and flimsy, I've got it. It's really pretty layered over tank tops and a sailor skirt, I usually knot it at the front to add detail to the outfit. It's also really good as a beach cover up! :)


  6. The first dress is SO cute!! :) I really like the color. You look great in it!!

  7. Cute outfits! Thanks for participating in the Alexa hop at I left you a review while I was here. Have a great weekend!

  8. love the dress & Neat post - wanna follow each other?

  9. I <3 both dressed a lot! You look so freaking cute!

  10. you look sooo pretty in the first beige dress! I think you should go for it because it's so classy and cute!

  11. you look soo cute! I think the 1st dress really suits your cute face! :D

  12. @Liz: Thanks! I love it too!

    @PopBlush: I don't really like the second one that much.

    @Y: I love that dress too! Going to buy it soon!

    @Jessy: I am in love with that dress!

    @Vintage: Me too!

    @Chuui: That dress is pretty! The white shirt is not the sheer kind. If that was, I think I would get it too!

    @Rainy Days and Lattes: Thanks! I should really get it then!

    @Michelle: Thanks!

    @Haruja: Thanks!

    @Yami: Thanks dear!!

    @CookingChinchillas: I agree! I will get it then! I hope they still have some left!

    @Cominica: Haha! I don't really have a cute face!

    @*^_^* : Thanks!


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