Jun 10, 2011

Mattify! Tinted Powder for Oily Skin

Mattify! Cosmetics announces Mattify Tinted Powder for Oily Skin; a breakthrough formula in the world of mineral makeup. Thus far, women with oily skin have had a difficult time finding any mineral foundation up to the task of absorbing facial oil while also providing a flawless complexion. Mattify Tinted Powder multi tasks as a powerful oil reducer, while allowing for light coverage of blemishes, freckling and acne.

The ultra-matte formula used in Mattify! Cosmetic's Tinted Powder contains the same oil absorbent ingredients as their famous Mattify Ultra Translucent Powder, which has a grained a cult following among makeup artists and celebrities. This specialized oil absorbing formula allows those with oily skin to have a fresh, matte complexion which lasts for hours. Newly released Mattify Tinted Powder provides the same high-powered oil absorption as Mattify Ultra, while also evening out skin tone and minimizing imperfections.

It is important to note that Mattify Tinted Powder omits the following irritating ingredients, common to most mineral makeup: Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Mica and Pearl Powder. Bismuth and Talc react badly with oily skin, causing oily skin to look extra shiny and greasy. To achieve an oil-free complexion, it is important to use a product such as Mattify Tinted Powder, which does not contain these four offending ingredients. Women whoi have not been able to use mineral makeup due to these irritants will surely enjoy the benefits of Mattify Tinted Powder.

Depending on application technique, Mattify Tinted Powder can be used to custom fit a variety of individual needs. Applied with a concealer brush, specific blemishes can be minimized. When a kabuki brush is used, Mattify Tinted will act as an all-over light coverage foundation. Alternatively, a powder puff can be used to pat it over liquid foundation, creating an oil absorbent and flawless finish.

While those with oily skin are said to show their age slower, they also must battle with excess oil causing clogged pores, acne, and dull looking skin. When oil pool onto the skin throughout the day, it plugs pores, causing deep-seeded bacterial growth. The ingredients in each product from Mattify! Cosmetics absorb and self-contain this oily build up so dirt and oil do not seep into pores. "The goal of Mattify Cosmetics as a whole is to reduce the negative impact of oily skin" says company CEO Colleen Lindstrom, "as allowing each customer to look & feel beautiful every day." Mattify! Tinted Powder for Oily Skin is now available for sale in sample size and full size at the Mattify! Cosmetics website.

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Now available

Sample Size ($3)

Full Size 30 Gram Jars ($16.50)



  1. Never heard of this brand! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Very cool! My skin tends to get a bit oily in the summer so I have been looking to find a product that will mattefy but that wont break me out.

  3. @Vintage: I have their Mattify Loose Powder and it's great for mattifying the T-zone.

    @Yami: My forehead is getting oily lately too!

    @Rainy Days and Latte: Yup!

    @Aye!: great!

  4. WOW,another great post honey!!!Thanks for sharing.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Hi! I would like to have new blogger friends! I always follow back and i love the feedback = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. @La Mode En Rose: Nice to meet you!

  7. Thanks for this post! Anything makeup gets me hooked! love the site and the content rocks! New follower from the Weekend Hop!

  8. @Miriam: Thanks for visiting!

  9. Oh the greens ones look really cool too!


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