Mar 27, 2011

Um...Gelato Anyone?

I haven't had gelato for quite some time. When I was walking to the convenient store to get some snacks, I suddenly wanted to eat some gelato. I remember a gelato store nearby so Shar and I walked there.

The store name is called Gelateria Naia, which is located in North Beach. It's a very modern looking store that sells yummy gelato. 

The flavors that we chose are Chocolate Malt and Pistachio.

 Inside the store
What's your favorite gelato flavor?


  1. You're not here~haha~we can get it some other day~

  2. YUMMY!!! This is weird but I LOOOOOVE pistachio gelato :) It's really yummy and savory. Please check out my makeup blog when you have a moment too! <3


  3. Pistachio gelato is actually not really savory at all.


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