Dec 6, 2010

Review: TRESemme Dry Shampoo

Since this TRESemme Dry Shampoo has been all that popular nowadays, I guess I have to try this out myself to see what the result is.

What They Say
Do not miss a fresh look and feel even on the second day. TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is the perfect solution to clean hair without water anytime. The unique formula, with Mineral Clay and Citrus, refreshes your hair by removing oil and odor while injecting volume. Just a quick spray transforms lifeless, limp hair into clean, fresh hair with full of bouncy body. It also helps to maintain hair color with less washing. With TRESemme Fresh Start, refresh your hair anytime, anytime.

Step 1: Shake vigorously before use and in between spray bursts.
Step 2: Spray lightly and evenly to dry hair, holding 8-12 inches from head and leave in for 1-2 minutes.
Step 3: Brush out, then style as usual.
Step 4: If a shinier texture is desired, follow with refreshing mist.

Retail $4.79 @Target

November 3, 2010
Today is my first day trying this dry shampoo out. My oily looking hair hasn't been washed for 3 days.

When I spray it in my hair, waited a couple minutes, and brush it out, my oily hair still looks the same. The smell was awful. I think it's better to use it the second day after you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Maybe my hair has dandruff so it won't work because the bottle said it's for "Oily/Straight to Normal hair. My hair is currently suffering from seasonal dandruff so maybe this shampoo isn't for me but I'll test it out a couple more times to really review this product.


December 4, 2010
Today, I tested out this shampoo once again to give it another chances. This time I only sprayed on my bangs because it's the oiliest part in my hair. I waited a couple minutes for the shampoo to dry, 2 minutes to be exact. Then I brushed it out just like how the instruction said. I spend over 5 minutes just brushing my bangs. After the brushing, guess what happened!? All my hiding dandruff babies came out and said hi to me. 

This will be the last time I am using this shampoo. Unless my dandruff babies will be willing to move their home and find a new one, I don't think dry shampoo is for me. 

Rating: 1/5


Doesn't help my oily hair
Smell Awful
Aren't for people with dandruff

If any of you have normal and oily hair, this might work for you but I am warning you that even my sister Shar's oily hair doesn't enjoy it. Her hairs are still oily after combing the shampoo all out. 

I hope this review help people who are planning on getting this popular dry shampoo. If you really want to try this, I think you can get it at most drugstore and Target. 

Has anyone tried this yet?  

FTC Disclosure: All the products mentioned above are bought by me. I was not paid and affiliated with the company mentioned. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Awww...I'm sorry this didn't work out for you! I actually like this dry shampoo, but your right - it does have a VERY strong (suffocating) scent and it's really not good to use when you have dandruff (which I always do when winter weather comes around >_<).

  2. @Keka: I'll give this a try when my dandruff friends are gone~That smell is definitely awful

  3. I for sure tried this and feel the exact same way! smells terrible and leaves sssooo much residue. I just got batiste from sally's beauty supply and am never getting any other brand <3


  4. @Chelsea: I think I like regular shampoo better~

  5. I absolutely agree! I tried it in the hopes of finding a way to ease my daily hair routine but was seriously disappointed. I'll stick with just washing my hair lol.

  6. I totally agree~This shampoo does nothing good to my hair but make it even worse


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