Oct 20, 2010

Monkey Hot Water Bag


Summer ended and now fall/winter is here. The weather has been much chiller than before. Well, in San Francisco, the weather is pretty much the same all seasons. Usually, I hate fall/winter because it's dandruff and allergy season for me, but I realize I like the chill better than hot. I still remember last month, there were a couple of days that the weather turned very hot and stuffy that I can barely breathe. Therefore, I am hoping to get a little rain here so the climate will be moister.

Sorry for all the random talk about the weather. The main topic of this post is about my new cute hot water bag. My boyfriend bought it for me because he realizes that the weather is getting chiller and he wants me to stay warm at night. This water bag is very easy to use and it won't leak like previous one I bought. I said it's cute because it has a monkey cover so it's very kid friendly too:)

I always add hot water at night and hug it to sleep. I think everyone should get one of this for the winter as it gets super cold in the Bay Area during winter period. This one is from Marshall and I think lots of drugstore sells them too.

Everyone, remember to stay warm this winter with this cute water bag!!

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