Jun 2, 2011

Review: ES A99 False Lashes from KKcenterHk

Remember back in April, I review the ES A008 Falsies from KKcenterHK? This time I was contacted by them to another review on one of their ES Brand False Lashes. 

KKcenterHk is a Hong Kong based online company that sells false lashes, wig, makeup, and many more.

The one I will be reviewing is their ES A99 False Lashes.

ES A99 Falsies
Price: $5.23 for 10 Pairs
As you can see in the photo, these lashes look pretty natural. The band of the lashes are way better than ES A008. It's not stiff at all and easy to bend before applying. These lashes does a decent amount of lengthening but not so much for voluminizing. To me, ES A99 is great for daytime look because it's not too dramatic like ES A008.

Close up of my eye

Me wearing ES A99
Even though the hair does not feel natural or look natural but when you put it on your eye, it looks very nice. The lashes is great for both daytime and nighttime. I love that it's multi-usage! The price is very affordable! For only $5.23, you get 10 pairs of falsies! It's way cheaper than getting a pair of drugstore lashes. Overall, I am very happy with ES A99 Falsies!

Rating: 5/5

Would I Recommend? YES

You can check out KKcenterHK's products on their website.

DISCLAIMER: The product(s) mentioned in this post were provided by the manufacturer for consideration. Read full disclosure here.


  1. Very pretty! I have a box of their eyelashes that I have yet to try! hehe

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes: Can't wait for your review!

  3. Great choice on the lashes! I really loved the lashes I got ~

  4. @Yami: Thanks:) I like yours too!


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