Nov 7, 2010

Miss Kei Kei's International Giveaway

Hey everyone! Miss Kei Kei is having an international giveaway. She is a nice girl and always give her honest opinion on the things she review or said! I love and enjoy reading her blog. If you have not follow her, then please do so.

The winner will receive: 
♥ Cowshed Lippy Cow Lip Balm 
Bodyshop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter 
♥ Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner: Metallic Brass 
♥ Urban Outfitters Lace Bib Necklace

The closing date for this giveaway is December 5, 2010. Be sure to enter!


  1. I know this may be off topic but I was just stopping by to say that if you wanted more traffic to your website, then possibly we could exchange links to each others website. Feel free to post a comment on

    I found you on LinkReferral. :D

  2. @Khyle Dean: Thanks for commenting


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